How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh?

If you’ve ever stepped onto a golf course, then you know how important each small detail can be for success. And the humble golf ball is certainly no exception! While many golfers don’t give such an essential piece of equipment too much thought, knowing the weight of a standard regulation golf ball might just make …

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How To Hit A Flop Shot

how to hit a flop shot

Your ability to shoot over and around hazards is essential to becoming an advanced golfer. If you know how to hit a flop shot correctly, you can gracefully drop the ball near the pin regardless of the hazard that lies before you.

Claw Grip Putting Made Easy

Claw Grip Putting

Putting is, hands down, the most challenging part of the game of golf. In recent years, pro golfers have discovered new ways to approach the putting game. One prominent technique that’s gaining traction is the claw grip.