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The most important thing for mid-handicap golfers when it comes to choosing the best golf irons is to find the iron set that will fit their swing. 

The better the fit, the more confident you will feel on the course. The best way to find the right fit is to try different models and see which ones feel the best in your hands.

The more refined your game becomes, the harder it can be to find mid-handicap irons that continue to enhance your play while giving you the fine-tuned control you need to get the ball where you need it to go. 

We’ve done the research for you to find the best golf irons for mid-handicappers in 2021. Let’s dive into the reviews.

For an ultra-wide sweet spot

Speed pocket stabilizes weight distribution through swings

HYBRAR® Technology reduces vibration and improves grip

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For better accuracy from the fairway

Smaller head size helps keep shots in play

Special face cut optimizes balance through the swing

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For maximum forgiveness and shot control

ECHO Damping System reduces vibration for better grip

Extra-large sweet spot offers more forgiveness

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For maximum durability and longevity

Stiff flex for power hitters

Copper underlay improves launch angles

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How Did We Choose?

We reviewed a variety of factors to help you choose the best irons for your style of play. We looked at a variety of elements like product specs, price, popularity, user reviews, and performance statistics. 

Don’t just take our word for it! You can read reviews on Amazon to see what other people think about the sets you’re thinking about buying. Our list is limited to those sets that we felt had as much of an impact as possible on your game.

For an ultra-wide sweet spot

Speed pocket stabilizes weight distribution through swings

HYBRAR® Technology reduces vibration and improves grip

TaylorMade sets the standard when it comes to excellence in golf irons for mid-handicappers. 

With their Speed Bridge irons, they managed to gain a strong foothold in the industry by combining outstanding performance with a fantastic feel. 

The TaylorMade M6 are the best mid-handicap irons, tailor-made (get it?) for mid-handicappers who are seeking club quality and speed.

The TaylorMade Speed Pocket is one of the most technologically advanced golf club enhancements ever created. 

If you’re looking for higher ball speed, more distance, a wider sweet spot, and the ability to go farther with every swing, this is a must-have. 

The cavity-back speed pocket unlocks your ability to use the new Micro-Tuned Speed Pocket (MTSP) technology. 

This powerful new feature has been engineered to generate more ball speed than any other Taylormade iron set.

At the point of shot impact, speed is a vital component that determines distance. However, when an individual mishits the ball, the abilities of this club do not give out so easily. 

Speed Pocket Technology on a golf club involves moving weight from one end of the club to another. 

This mechanism allows you to play with greater confidence and ease.

It also improves your shot distance significantly because the deeper pocket will expand during the ball’s flight to change its trajectory.

This new tour-proven iron set has all the ingredients for improved distance. Advanced HYBRAR® technology disperses unwanted vibration to minimize feel and firm up the trajectory for straighter shots for the mid-handicapper.

The fluted offset hosel design generates higher ball speed to launch higher and longer and is designed to deliver a high launch angle for greater distance. 

An undercut lower center of gravity helps elevate the center of gravity creating a wider sweet spot.

The Taylormade M6 drivers feature distinct grip zones that go a long way towards promoting hand placement and improved shot-shaping. 

The club’s Proven grip textures and patterns are engineered to deliver comfort, control, and consistency for a mid-handicapper or low-handicap golfer.

The club also has color contrast alignment aids to ensure greater consistency and accuracy at address which can even help high-handicap golfers improve their stance and lineup.

For better accuracy from the fairway

Smaller head size helps keep shots in play.

Special face cut optimizes balance through the swing.

If you’re a mid-handicapper who would like to be able to hit the ball consistently, but don’t have the grade of a professional golfer, you might like Callaway Apex 21 game improvement golf irons for mid-handicappers. 

The best golf irons are forged, which means they’re a bit heavier than some of the other options out there. 

Callaway’s Apex 21 cavity-back irons are power-forged for performance, forgiveness, and control. 

These make them some of the best irons for mid-handicappers, offering even more forgiveness than the Callaway Mavrik Max, another high-range game improvement iron.

These mid-handicap irons have smaller heads than their regular Apex branding counterparts and the Callaway Mavrik. This will be good for bigger players who want to keep their shots in play.

You can get a stable sound and feel right off the bat playing with the Apex 21 set of irons. Created with new technologies, this iron features a soft, thin face to generate a longer, more forgiving distance. 

Forgiveness comes in the form of ball speed and distance, thanks to the head’s unique design. 

Rather than forming wings of steel directly behind the clubface, the Callaway Apex 21 features a four-cut toe on the face to optimally control and balance the club’s mass all the way through your swing.

This club is designed with solid steel and urethane microspheres. 

The vibration-absorbing urethane microspheres in the shaft dampen jarring vibrations, so you can achieve faster swings. 

It’s soft, the face curves gently, and the back is just as soft where you finish your swing. It feels perfectly comfortable in your hand and sounds sweet at impact.

The cup fits snugly around the face to maximize your control while the tungsten-infused, multi-material construction—made from a mix of carbon fiber with unidirectional urethane that gives you the enhanced feel without sacrificing control—provides a soft feel. 

The flex point on the face delivers faster speeds and solid distance with on- and off-center strikes.

For maximum forgiveness and shot control

ECHO Damping System reduces vibration for better grip.

Extra-large sweet spot offers more forgiveness.

In the mid-2000s, TaylorMade was on top of its game. 

The M5 and M6 clubs were the hottest selling clubs on Tour, and it seemed that nothing would beat them. 

One day, a pair of mid-handicap irons arrived that seemed to defy logic — the Taylormade SIM MAX  OS mid-handicap irons. 

These irons appealed to mid-handicappers who wanted a bit more forgiveness, faster ball flight, and a higher launch angle.

The new thing is the ECHO Damping System, a system of geometrical channels inside the head that reduce vibrations on impact and improve the feel. 

Made like this, TaylorMade claims that players no longer need to find a sweet spot between distance and feel playing with the SIM MAX golf clubs.

The Speed Bridge Technology is the bar that runs from the top to support the face and creates a more forgiving sweet spot. 

And when combined with the Speed Pocket Technology, it ensures the mid to high-handicap player gets the highest forgiveness possible. 

Low-handicap golfers who don’t need the forgiveness will enjoy even greater distance and ball speeds than ever before.

The versatility of these game improvement irons addresses all areas and is focused on improving performance. 

By tailoring every aspect to each player’s individual swing, mid-handicapper golfers can play and compete with confidence.

The MOI is the key to enhanced distance and better flight paths. That’s why TaylorMade created the ultra-thin face for the SIM MAX with perimeter weightingf, which gets the ball under control, delivering straighter ball flights with better spin. 

Think of the MOI as the angle at which the face of the club is aligned to the shaft of the club. 

From this angle, it is possible to tell that the clubface is aimed at a certain point on the clubface instead of allowing it to drift to different points. 

This can cause sidespin and unwanted swerve/diving on mishits, but a low MOI will make it easier for the golfer to launch the ball farther.

For maximum durability and longevity

Stiff flex for power hitters

Copper underlay improves launch angles

The MP20 is yet another unique version of the M-Series, one of the best irons for mid-handicappers. 

With a copper face and tungsten centers behind both weights, they’re the best golf irons for mid-handicap golfers of any M-Series model. 

It has a very low center of gravity that improves the MOI and can improve launch. It also means you can use lighter swings to get the ball moving faster.

These mid-handicap irons are equipped with the Grain Flow Forged Chromoly technology. This technology is considered to be the strongest forged material, allowing for a consistent-feeling, wide-open sweet spot both on the range and during play. 

But besides the feel and consistency of performance, these mid-handicap irons also have a great distance capability due to their perimeter weighting, especially for off-center shots.

There’s no mistaking Mizuno MP-20 irons for simple game improvement irons for high-handicappers. Though they’re forged, they are forged stronger than many of the best irons. 

The tighter tolerance lets the high-tech, forged stainless steel offer a greater degree of purity. This is what gives Mizuno MP-20 irons their excellent performance and rid them of being categorized as just another iron.

What truly enhances the real-time feel of this set is the copper underlay. It makes lower and higher launching irons easier, while also adding more control into a golfer’s attack, allowing for higher-scoring hits and enhanced distance.

Mizuno forged its reputation in great products for a variety of sporting activities. 

We’re familiar with the company as a Japanese brand for golf, and we know they even have a number of different irons in their collection. 

If you’re shopping for mid handicappers trying to get better, then we think you might want to consider this brand. They have great clubs that will help your game improve.

For great launch angles and fast speeds

Forged L-Face improves ball flights.

Perimeter weighting improves stability at impact.

The Titleist T200 irons use Max impact technology which allows the face to be thinner, thereby improving launch, speed, and feel. 

The T200 iron is one of the most versatile in the Titleist line, offering benefits to a broad range of golfers. The Tungsten perimeter weighting in the longer irons further enhances feel and workability.

We were extremely impressed by how easy it was to swing these irons. They’ll suit an improving player seeking game-improvement performance in a compact shape. 

These blade irons are ideal for a mid-handicap golfer looking for an improved game in a compact shape. We think that this set is one of the best mid-range irons on the market right now.

The T200 has more tungsten than any other iron in the T-Series lineup. 

It features a forged, cavity-back L-Face that wraps around the sole to increase speed and ball flight, and it also has more than a third of the clubhead weight positioned on the heel and toe. 

The stock shafts are AMT black, a striking Mitsubishi Tensei AV blue, and a black-and-white Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360.

For a sleek look and feel

High-performance steel improves power and durability.

Easily improves distance and accuracy in mid-handicappers.

The Ping i500 is a beautiful-looking set of golf irons to play with. 

The set comes with 5 irons, 3 woods, and 1 putter in a case designed with a nice finish. The irons are made with forged construction with a forged steel shaft and the irons feel great with a nice weight and good balance.

The blade is made from C-Series maraging steel which is a type of high-performance steel. 

C Series Maraging steels can retain their structure longer than other types of steel and are extremely hard, strong, and tough. 

This means the clubhead will retain its perfect balance much longer and will not wear out.

The i500 iron looks clean and simple and is distinctly different from the other irons in the set. 

The i500 iron is very easy to hold and swing while a great feel of control is given to the golfer throughout the swing. The i500 is a good choice for a wide range of players. 

The i500 will suit a wide range of players from a mid-handicapper all the way to a low handicapper. It’s a mid handicapper’s iron, which is a great fit if you’re between a 5 and 7 iron.

We asked our low handicap testers to play with irons from all the big manufacturers and the PING i500 irons were unanimously voted as the best.

If you’re looking for the best iron, the PING i500 irons are the clear choice. 

They’re easy to hit with and they produce a good distance and accuracy. They also have a variety of features to help you hit your target.

For stronger MOI and longer shots

FLX Face improves power at the point of impact.

Lightweight forged face optimized for fast swings.

It’s no secret that Wilson is a leading designer of golf clubs and has been making innovative, high-quality products for generations. 

Their latest model, the C300 Forged Irons, improves on their traditional head design and makes them even more durable.

The C300 gives mid-range players an extra edge. The thinner topline makes it more attractive at the address. Another unique feature of these irons is the dynamic FLX Face Technology. 

The first of its kind, this groundbreaking technology minimizes contact points between the thin face and club head for maximum club face flex upon impact. 

This innovative feature increases speed and shot trajectory allowing golfers to strike the ball with greater power upon impact.

The C300 Golf Club is a great example of how technology is being used to enhance the user experience. With the C300, there are two main technologies at play. 

Some of the most important features to look out for on a golf club are the grip size, the weight, the shaft flex, and the head shape. 

The weight and flex of a golf iron are important opinions that you should consider because they both have a big impact on how difficult it is to hit. 

The C300 forged face is another key feature of the new Wilson iron. The C300 forged face is lighter than the previous C200 forged face and is made for players who like to swing fast.

Most modern golfers want to play like the best players in the game. The Wilson C300 has been a top-performing iron for years, offering consistent forgiveness and control that aspiring golfers will pay for. 

If you’re an entry-level golfer who wants to play like the best, look no further than the Wilson C300 forged irons.

For long, forgiving fairway shots

Blacked-out finish enhances visual alignment at address.

DBM technology improves durability and crisp appearance.

Better players who are looking for a club that is both forgiving and powerful will love the Cobra King Forged Tec Irons. 

The Forged TEC Irons are designed with the highest quality steel and craftsmanship to provide a great feel and an impressive look for low-handicap golfers.

The Cobra King is a great choice for better players looking for a mid-distance fairway driver that can also be used for a variety of shots.

This is a great set for the mid handicappers. It can be used for a variety of shots, but it is particularly suited for the full swing and hybrid shots because of the length and the shape of the clubs. 

The set comes with a 54-degree wedge and a 56-degree sand wedge.

The Cobra Forged TEC irons have a blacked-out finish that is unlike anything else on the market. The blacked-out finish comes to life with red highlights on the Cobra Forged TEC irons. 

The technology that is used to put the diamond-like facets on the surface of the ball is named DBM (Diamondized Black Metal) technology. 

This DBM technology is used in the manufacture of premium leather balls for use in the game of baseball.

The DBM process chemically implants the black finish into the head of the club, increasing durability for longer-lasting, better-looking irons. 

The cavity-back clubhead is made of aerospace-grade forged steel that is then infused with a proprietary formula of carbon and chromium to create a black finish that is stronger than the traditional chrome coating.

For a lightweight swing with plenty of forgiveness

Foam-coated head softens feel at impact.

Soft carbon steel body enhances distance without adding bulk.

The P790 iron is the first forged iron design to come to TaylorMade in over 10 years. 

The forged hollow body, in particular, combines with the soft carbon steel construction for creating explosive distance as well as forgiveness, making it one of the best mid-handicap irons in play today.

These new irons are designed in an innovative way to enhance the distance of your shots. 

Patented SpeedFoam is injected into the clubhead for pushing the boundaries of the clubface to boost speed while also improving sound and feel. 

This forged iron has a 4140 face cup technology that has been cut with a soft carbon steel body. 

The long irons give you the distance that you need plus decent forgiveness that a lot of mid-handicap players want. 

The fit of the head is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to hit than some competing longer irons.

The shot-shaping head is also covered in a thin layer of ultra-light urethane foam for an incredibly soft and supple feel. 

The urethane foam also helps to reduce the overall weight of the head eliminating the need for a bulky and heavy cast.

The P790 cavity-back iron by TaylorMade are forged for forgiveness. These irons have a forged hollow body that combines with the soft carbon steel construction for creating explosive distance.

The P790 is designed to be a finesse and distance driver with a low profile tungsten weighting that allows you to hit harder giving you the launch that you want thanks to a lower center of gravity. 

It is a mid-handicap player with a good face that has been forged with a soft carbon steel body that gives you the distance that you need plus decent forgiveness that a lot of mid-handicap players want.

For controlled spin and flight paths

Muscle-back club head improves power without restricting the sweet spot.

Low CG sends balls flying higher and farther.

The first shot you take with the Cleveland Launcher HB 4 Iron is a game-changer. 

It may be difficult to pull off a perfect swing with long irons, but if you do, the ball will soar down the middle of the fairway and land right on target. 

An easy-to-use set from Cleveland, this club combines distance with increased ball speed and a massive sweet spot to give you a simple solution to improve your game at home or on the road.

Sometimes a trip to the driving range really isn’t enough to keep your golfing skills up-to-date. 

The Cleveland Launcher HB 4 Players’ Iron features extra length and has a solid base that makes it perfect for straightening out shots that have been getting a bit lost in the wind ever since your last visit to the range.

For mid-handicappers to high-handicappers, the higher the ball flight, the easier it will be to stop the ball on the green. The slower the ball is to stop, the more difficult it will be to stop the ball on the green. 

The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo was designed with a low, muscle-back deep-weighted crown so that it has a higher ball flight with improved distance and forgiveness.

This was done by lowering the height of the heel on the clubhead and moving the center of gravity deeper into the head. This will increase the clubhead speed and distance.

While most golfers might frown on these types of irons, there are several benefits for the vast majority of golfers. 

This players’ iron is great when you’re hitting shots into the wind on a windy day. The heavier the club, the more you can feel the wind and use it to your advantage.

For perfect weight balance

Wide-soled heel controls spin for more precise pitches and chip shots.

Weighted heads improve swing speed.

The Callaway X HOT irons are perfect for golfers who appreciate extreme distance and acceleration. At the same time, they’re highly forgiving. 

The lightweight Callaway X Hot irons have the perfect length for great trajectory and a quick but powerful release across the face. 

These clubs allow golfers to hit the ball extremely fast but not have to worry about their shots going out of bounds or slicing across the fairway.

The higher ball flight, quicker stops on the green, and even improved pitching and chipping are all a result of these wider-soled irons ideal for mid handicappers to high handicap golfers. 

The 4mm faceplates are very soft and the set of irons themselves feels like they’re made of very high-quality material. 

The plates are also very well aligned to improve the balancing of these game improvement irons.

The real power in golf is found in their perfectly weighted club heads. 

The average golfer doesn’t have the same swing speed as someone who’s a tour professional. The average golfer has an average swing speed and the average tour professional has a faster swing speed.

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