Callaway Strata Review & Buyers Guide (2023 Update)

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Let’s take a look at the Callaway Strata Golf Club Set – one of our top recommendations for beginners and novices alike. There are a ton of reasons why we think this is one of the best all-around options to take with you to the course. We’ll go into detail below in our review.

There are three main options depending on your needs, so how do the different Strata Sets hold up?

Let’s dive right in to the details for each of the package options that are available so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Callaway Strata Set Options

Best for beginners

Perfect for beginners

This 12 piece set is perfect for beginning golfers who want a set of clubs that they can grow with.

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Editor's pick

For serious golfers

This 14 piece set combines the best of both forgiveness and performance, all in one bag.

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Most popular set

For golfers who are ready to go pro

This 16 piece set has everything that the serious golfer needs. 

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Items in Set:12 Items: 1 bag, 9 clubs, 2 head covers
Driver:1 Wood, Titanium Composite
Fairway Woods:3 Wood, Titanium Composite
Hybrids:5H, Titanium Composite
Irons u0026amp; Utilities:6 Iron – 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge, Titanium Composite
Putter:T-Style w/ Mallet
Head Covers:Two included: Driver, 3 Wood

The Callaway Men’s Strata 12-Piece set is a complete package for new beginners. Besides the clubs, it includes a standard golf bag and some head covers for your woods.

The set includes a driver and a 3 Wood, made with a composite titanium head and a graphite shaft. There’s a 5 Hybrid which Callaway describes as “forgiving” on long shots, and then a standard 6 Iron thru Pitching Wedge. The putter is a mallet with T-style alignment helping you align your shots easily for great accuracy.

The Driver

This colossal driver head comes in at 460cc, giving it a massive surface area that’s very forgiving for beginners. The sweet spot is generous, so as long as you put the ball somewhere near the center of the head, you’re shooting far and straight with ease.

Its 12° loft makes it easier to achieve high lift than other beginner drivers. As long as you put good contact on the ball, it’ll sail through the air beautifully. Even if you barely play, you’ll look like an impressive golfer in front of your friends.

The 3 Wood

The 3 Wood in this set is also a forgiving club, giving you greater control on those early long shots and keeping your stroke count down.

It’s got a comfortable standard grip, with the weight perfectly balanced giving this club a smooth and easy feel. With its graphite shaft construction, it’s lightweight and easy to swing freely. Plus, its large size helps pound those long shots out of the rough, no matter how far you are from the green.

The 5 Hybrid

Long irons are difficult for new players. They’re often crafted with low loft angles that make precise shots a headache, even for intermediate-level golfers. Hybrids alleviate some of this trouble, putting the extra weight of a wood behind the design of a long iron.

The Strata 5 Hybrid features a 26° loft to give those mid-long shots the lift they need to clear hills and obstacles, while not compromising on range.

The Irons

The Strata beginner’s set comes with the standard 6 thru 9 Irons for your short-to-mid range play. The stainless steel design and large club head gives these irons a firm, durable feel while maintaining the forgiving nature of the long clubs.

The weight of the irons tapers around the perimeter, and the sole of the irons are extra-wide, giving the clubs finer-tuned control and accuracy. Keep your swing straight and controlled, and you’ll have no problem dropping balls neatly onto the green.

The Pitching Wedge

Similarly stainless steel and durable, the Strata pitching wedge is lightweight and easy to handle. For those tough lies in the rough around the green, there’s no better beginner-level club for lobbing the ball out of the grass and square onto the green.

This wedge is has a loft angle of 4° higher than the 9 Iron, and while that may seem like a small number, it makes for a significant difference in maximum distance. Be careful not to whip out the wedge too early; it’s a utility club for a reason.

The Putter

The Strata putter may be the least noteworthy club in the set, as a simple T-style mallet. However, this format has always been popular among beginners for its simplicity and accurate control.

The putter is weighted perfectly, and it feels great dangling in front of you. It’s on the lighter side, so you don’t have to worry about overshooting the cup with a light touch. Spend some time on the putting greens and you’ll get a feel for this putter very quickly.

Callaway Strata Complete Club Specifications

ClubLoft AngleLengthLieSwing WeightClub Weight
3 Wood15.5°42in57.00°D1401
5 Hybrid26°37.75in60.50°D1441
6 Iron28°37.00in61.50°D1453
7 Iron32°36.50in62.00°D1455
8 Iron36°36.00in62.50°D1460
9 Iron40°35.50in63.00°D1469
P. Wedge44°35in64.00°D1476


Our Verdict

After you’ve been golfing a while, you’ll accumulate all sorts of golf equipment and accessories. However, you won’t want to replace your clubs more than is absolutely necessary. It’s important to pick a set that’s easy and comfortable to play with.

The Callaway Men’s Strata 12-Piece Golf Set for beginners is still wildly popular even years after its 2015 release. As you read, the club heads are very forgiving for new players, helping you keep the ball in-bounds and minimizing the impact of obstacles like rough terrain or rolling hills.

Your swing is always going to be the most important component of any shot. However, with the right clubs in your hand, well-executed shot will have more power and precision. For low-to-mid level play, the Callaway Strata set is a surprisingly solid choice for the price.

Especially given its age, the Callaway Strata set is very affordable. Many high-end golf sets can cost well over $500. These days, you’ll pay under half of that for this high-quality collection. For the price, you’re unlikely to find better quality from any other club maker.

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