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A durable and functional pair of golf shoes is a quintessential part of your game.

Think even just beyond your swing. Golf is a game played over several thousand yards, and if you’re in competition, you’re not riding a golf cart. You’ll be traversing hilly, awkward, rough terrain. And, even when well maintained, a wet course presents a whole new set of challenges for your golf shoes.

The shoes on our top-list are nothing like what your granddad stomped around wearing in the ’60s. These are golf shoes for the 21st century. They feature remarkable advances in golf shoe technology that’s added a new layer to your preparation for the game. Gone are the days of sacrificing performance for comfort, or durability for less bulk.

Our Top Golf Shoe Picks

Comfortable, functional, and stylish

The Dryjoys are a high-quality waterproof golf shoe offering a 2-year warranty on their superior weather protection.

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Extra comfort, with fantastic arch support

The Tour 360 Boost 2 is a comfortable, breathable golf shoe with plenty of support and functionality

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Highly water resistant for many seasons

The Etonic Stabilizers are a top-performing waterproof golf shoe providing superior comfort and perfect balance.

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Lightweight and ultra-responsive

The Skechers Go Golf Elite is back in a fourth iteration that combines a subtle, conservative style with remarkable functionality. 

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The Top 14 Golf Shoes For 2021

Comfortable, functional, and stylish

The Dryjoys are a high-quality waterproof golf shoe offering a 2-year warranty on their superior weather protection.

They come action-packed with modern technology, and a stylish retro aesthetic.

FootJoy has been around a long time, and has a significant foothold as one of the best golf shoe brands on the market. (pun: totally intended). FootJoy first hit the shelves all the way back in the 19th century. And the coolest thing about FootJoy is how even in the year 2021 they’ve retained their vintage style. 

The DryJoys Tour golf shoes are action-packed with that cool 21st century technology we promised you’d see, and their classic style has a retro feel that’s all too rare in the game these days.

What Makes the DryJoys Our Top Pick?

The FootJoy DryJoys tour golf shoes are a versatile pick that checks all the boxes. They’re comfortable, functional, and stylish. While the price tag is nothing to sneeze at, it’ll buy you a pair of golf shoes offering advanced performance and a long lifespan.

The DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes utilize a laceless BOA tightening system. This means the knob on the rear of the shoe will loosen or tighten the fit to your needs and liking, without the need for bulky, ugly laces that can fray and break.

Its stylish leather upper is the Pittards “Extreme Comfort Leather.” This extraordinary synthetic leather is engineered to be water resistant without applying an exterior coating in the manufacturing plant. You can walk the course in confidence, in any weather, knowing you’re protected by FootJoy’s 2-year warranty on the waterproofing of their shoes.

The inner lining of the shoe is full-on leather. This classic design choice gives the DryJoys a breathable, remarkably comfortable step.  The toe is fully rounded, with a mostly standard size but a slightly snug heel. According to FootJoy, this design choice is based on the aggregation of thousands of digital images from their laser fitting system.

The bridge is supported with composite fiberglass, which FootJoy claims is strategically positioned to maximize stability. The soles feature Cyclone™ Cleats by Softspikes – in addition to excellent stability, this set of cleats provides strong lower body stability and strong support all throughout your swing.

Extra comfort, with fantastic arch support

The Tour 360 Boost 2 is a comfortable, breathable golf shoe with plenty of support and functionality.

They offer you a full range of motion while still giving you lots of support. One of the best golf shoes on our list.

If you’ve ever shopped for golf shoes, then you know that the Tour 360 series is one of Adidas’ flagship athletic shoes, selling for over 20 years. Then, finally, they dropped the Tour 360 Boost 2.0.

The new model features all the stability and support its predecessor, staying true to its classic form. There are a lot of great little extras that make this a top-choice in golf shoes, too. The Boost 2 features a foam tongue and collar for extra comfort, a one-size-fits-most heel shape that naturally shapes to your foot, and fantastic arch support.

The inside of the shoe is lined with a breathable synthetic fabric that keeps you cool and helps keep the sweat to a minimum. The sole is spongy, with a lot of give, but still plenty of support on top of the spikes. This is the Boost Cushion technology that the shoe is named for. When it comes to walking a golf course, few shoes are more comfortable.

Looking for something tried and true, but still fresh and new? The Tour 360 Boost 2 is ever-reliable, and still a competitive shoe in 2021.

A smash hit among golfers worldwide!

The Tech Response is a fantastic all-around golf shoe for an ultra-low price. 

These golf shoes are lightweight, sturdy, supportive, and low to the ground.

The Tech Response shoe by adidas makes our top list (and many others) for being one of the all-around best-performing golf shoes for its price. Accessible for beginners and plenty functional for tournament players, the adidas men’s Tech Response golf shoes are a smash hit among golfers worldwide.

For the price, you aren’t getting all the bells and whistles of a more high-end golf shoe, but even some of the best players in the world prefer a shoe that stays out of the way and lets them work. That’s what you get with Tech Response – but don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s another run of the mill off-the-rack golf shoe.

By design, it’s lightweight, but sturdy enough to take on any terrain on the course. The Tech Response shoes feature a low-profile 6-spike configuration to increase traction and support. They’re delicate on the greens and offer superior stability even when you have to play the awkward, difficult lies.

Adidas’s patented THINTECH technology brings the shoe close to the ground, keeping the cleats discretely hidden but still giving your footwork a powerful foundation. It’s never been easier to balance and shift your weight around.

The shoe is soothingly comfortable. It features a cloudfoam EVA sock liner for even more stability, but plenty of soft cushioning. They aren’t waterproof golf shoes – the low price point does come at a compromise – but even in wet weather they maintain their support well. The rubber outsoles are strong and hardy – they offer superior resistance and don’t scuff easily, but not at the cost of much flexibility. Finally, its mesh top and microfiber leather make the shoe refreshingly breathable.

Low profile, incredible steady

In the Adipower S Boost, your stance will sit nice and low, gripping the fairway tightly. 

The foamy supports in these golf shoes keep your stance balanced and on-target.

An adidas product makes our list of the best golf shoes yet again, and for good reason. It’s jam-packed with technology that optimizes the feel and performance to make the Adipower S Boost one of the top shoes on the market.

The Gripmore technology cleats are all different sized. They allow the shoe to achieve greater traction and sturdiness. Plus, they sit lower than most cleats, keeping you stable and low to the ground. Their BOOST technology in the sole helps you shift your weight, all while staying comfortable and supported. Plus, they stay locked onto your foot, especially with the aid of the floating strips that hold the lacing system firmly against the body of the shoe.

The forefoot is loaded with bouncy foam that keeps your whole foot cushioned. However, they’re also incredibly stable, with Puremotion technology on the outer sole to keep you balanced and steady. The ThinTech cleats are very low profile, making the shoe easy to walk in. Still, the grip is fantastic, keeping your feet right in place as you twist back to take your shot.

The Climaproof weather protection technology keeps your feet dry and comfy, even in adverse weather conditions. adidas proudly offers a 1-year waterproof warranty on the Adipower S Boost. They look great, and they’re so durable that they’ll stay looking great for a long time. Even everyday golfers will be surprised at just how much use they can get out of these shoes.

Athletic, comfortable, and attractive

The padded insoles and Dura-rubber outer sole will make you feel like you’re golfing on a cloud. 

This wide shoe may even feel like you’re not wearing anything on your feet at all.

Don’t like spikes, but want to bolster your game? The Callaway Balboa Vent spikeless golf shoe has all the grip without all the fuss of spikes. The upper boddy is mesh with Callaway’s Opti-Vent technology, which makes the shoe delightfully breathable. Not only are they athletic, but they’re comfortable, and they look great.

The EVA sole is cushiony and features another cool Callaway technology: Opti-Soft. This padded insole is incredibly comfortable; you’ll think you’re golfing on a cloud. Not only do they feel great around your feet, but they keep your foot set in place throughout your swing.

The Balboa shoes are stabilized by a Dura-Rubber outer sole, also increasing their traction. They’re not quite waterproof, but they hold up in the weather just fine. They run a little bit wider than most golf shoes, a preference which some players swear by. If you like a wide, spikeless shoe, look no further than the Callaway Balboa Men’s Vent golf shoe.

Comfortable, lightweight, and high-performing

The Cage Pro features an innovative sole configuration unlike any other on the market. 

These shoes even have a customizable insole, helping you achieve the perfect fit.

The Ecco Cage Pro is a revolution in spikeless golf shoes, featuring Ecco’s trademarked Spydr-Grip soles. These unique soles are engineered to flex around the natural points of contact and pivot areas where your foot moves as you walk and swing a golf club. In fact, this design offers even greater traction than traditional spikes, with more space between contact points.

The TPU outsole is highly durable and holds up well in harsh weather. It’ll typically last you as much as five times longer than a rubber upper material. These golf shoes are treated with Ecco’s Hydromax water repellent, keeping your feet nice and dry in rainy weather. 

The polyurethane cage keeps your heel firmly in place and well supported all the way through your swing. It’s even got a second insole that can be removed for more space, if you prefer a lower stance, or just a roomier golf shoe.

The Cage Pro is among the most comfortable golf shoes, with fantastic durability, traction, and stability anywhere on the golf course.

Highly water resistant for many seasons

The Etonic Stabilizers are a top-performing waterproof golf shoe providing superior comfort and perfect balance.

With customizable traction to suit your preferred feel, it’s clear why “stability” is built right into the shoe’s name.


Etonic is known for advances in athletic technology and innovative designs. Their shoes are sought after by some of the most skilled athletes in the game. 

The Etonic Stabilizer shoe features low-profile “stealth” cleats that are removable and replaceable. The traction is fantastic, but is customizable in case you prefer a little more or a little less grip.

The microfiber leather is highly water resistant. The Stabilizers can handle whatever conditions you throw at them, and they do it while giving you the utmost comfort. Their overlayed heels offer improved balance, while their durable construction helps them last for many seasons.

Extra soft cushioning and superior traction

The Hyperflex II is a lightweight shoe with tons of heel support and traction control. 

It’s one of the best golfing shoes on our list in terms of comfort and stability.

It’s been a while since the original Hyperflex hit the shelves in 2014, so FootJoy more recently released an upgrade to their popular golf shoe.

You might not be able to tell the two models apart at first glance. But take a closer look, and you’ll find the upgrade is softer, flexes better, weighs less, and looks just as sleek.

The Hyperflex II features FlexGrid body, which makes the shoe pliable while remaining supportive and durable.

The midsole is crafted with Fine-Tuned Foam which is what helps give this shoe its extra-soft cushion. The improved traction is all thanks to the Tornado Cleats (by SoftSpike), which give you enhanced stability and better overall performance.

Plus, the Laser+ Fit gives the shoe a rounded-off tip; it’s a fairly regular instep, with a bit of a narrower heel. The NextGen HeelLoc technology gives you more support under the heel, and prevents slippage to keep the shoe nice and secure.

If comfort and stability are your priorities, the Hyperflex II will keep you feeling great from the first tee shot to the final putt.

The perfect fit for even the most "custom" feet!

The innovative BOA dial lacing on the Tour-S is the long-needed solution for golfers who can never seem to find a pair of shoes that fit. 

Never let your stance falter because of your shoes again.

The Footjoy Tour-S BOA is a variation of the existing Tour-S model. This model features a special lacing feature called a BOA dial.

The dial on the rear of the shoe cranks the laces looser or tighter. This gives you the finest level of control possible over the snug fit of your golf shoes. 

Players with unusual foot shapes have an impossible time finding not just comfortable shoes that fit them, but specialized athletic shoes that fit them. The BOA technology helps keep your shoe in place more easily than ever.

The BOA isn’t the only cool feature of the FootJoy Tour-S. Check out the PowerStrap technology: it’s built into the top section of the shoe, giving cross-support to the lacing to help your foot lock in place inside the shoe. Once you break these shoes in, you’ll get the perfect fit every single time.

Tour-S is also a tough & sturdy weather-resistant shoe. The premium leather is highly water-resistant so the shoes can stand up to most tough weather conditions you’ll see on the golf course. If the perfect fit is the most important thing for your feet, the Tour-S BOA is the right choice for you.

Breathable, comfortable, and easy to walk in

The NBG518s lock snugly to your foot, but gives you plenty of flexibility. 

A great spikeless golf shoe that stands up to the weather.

New Balance is newer to the golf apparel scene, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make a darn good golf shoe. They’re great spikeless golf shoes for those of us who don’t love getting mud and grass stuck at our feet.

The REVlite tech in the sole makes them extra spongy and shock resistant, giving you greater control through your swing. The lining conforms to your foot comfortably but snugly, keeping you locked in from your first tee shot to your final putt. The mesh design makes it stylish and durable; while not 100% waterproof, the water resistance is fine for most weather conditions.

Compared to other New balance shoes, they come in a bit on the long side. Don’t worry, the fit is generally true to size, so you can reliably order whatever size you’re used to. They’ll break in quickly and you’ll be able to hit the course in no time.

The NBG518 is breathable, comfortable, and easy to walk the course in. What else do you need? This shoe offers you great performance and lasts a long time.

Stylish & highly functional

The Ignite Pwrsport is a breathable & durable waterproof golf shoe. 

Its soft cushioned sole makes it effortless to walk the full course.

Puma exploded into the golf apparel scene when Ricky Fowler turned pro as one of their featured athletes. Their gear is stylish, but highly functional. If it’s good enough for the pros, it’s definitely good enough for the weekend hacker. Available in a variety of color options, the Ignite Pwrsport has a flashy and trendy look that stands out among the more subdued look of other shoes (even ones on this list!)

The shoes are refreshingly breathable, but durable and waterproof. The TPU PWRCAGE saddle offers you more support and reinforces your stability throughout your swing. The sole is soft and cushioned to make the shoe comfortable and easy to wear. It’s even got a special IGNITE foam that improves energy return and makes the shoe even more comfortable to walk in.

The Ignite Pwrsport shoe by Puma is the ultimate combination in style, comfort, and durability. It’s the perfectly balanced shoe for the golfer who can’t afford to cut any corners.

For long-shots and precise aim

This nice, wide Puma shoe is playable practically the moment you slip them on. 

With lots of space and extra cushion, there’s no blistering or chafing to worry about in these kicks.

Once again, we have a Puma shoe. They sure are stylish, aren’t they? They’re athletic, fun, exciting, and, oh yeah… they’re great shoes for the golf course. BioDrive is one of Puma’s classic golf shoes. They’re spikeless, if you’re into that sort of thing. We are; spikeless shoes are easier to clean, and, frankly, they’re easier to walk in. They have excellent grip, even in poor weather.

True to Puma form, they’re light, but soft. The mesh top is waterproof and has a durable feel, but breathes easy and keeps your feet comfortable. One nice feature is the heel padding; your foot is gently cushioned but doesn’t slip or slide around in the shoe. There’s no concern over blisters or chafing in the BioDrive shoes.

This shoe runs a bit wider than other Pumas, but a lot of golfers like to have the extra room. They take virtually no time to break in, either. They’re playable practically the moment you slip them on. It’s amazing that more golfers don’t wear Puma; you’d think Rickie would be a bigger influence. Take our word for it, these shoes are gaining market share for a reason. Puma knows what golfers want, and they execute perfectly.

Lightweight and ultra-responsive

The Skechers Go Golf Elite is back in a fourth iteration that combines a subtle, conservative style with remarkable functionality. 

You’ve got to get your feet into what we consider one of the best golf shoes for men.

The Skechers Go Golf Elite v.4 may be low-key in style, but they’ve got everything that good golf footwear should have. The leather uppers have a clean look and a soft, pliable feel. The insoles are soft, and are treated with antimicrobial agents. The Skechers Go Golf Elite offers superior comfort in the golf shoe market.

The leather outsole is also weather resistant, featuring Skechers’ H2GO Shield waterproof protection (and coming with a sweet 2-year warranty). The shoe sits nice and low to the ground, helping keep your stance stable and balanced. The cushioning is lightweight and ultra-responsive. These aren’t spikeless golf shoes, either – the spikes give the soles awesome traction control and even more stability.

A new pair of Skechers Go Golf Elite v.4 will take you a long way. Their comfort, simple style, and excellent traction make them one of the best men’s golf shoes available today.

Sharp, modern, and bold

The waterproof Spieth 2 is a leader among spiked golf shoes, offering unparalleled protection from the elements. 

The snug fit and powerful grip will have your stance looking as good as Spieth’s himself.

The Spieth 2 is so named for the world-class golfer who wears them. They’re sharp, modern, and they make a bold statement on the links. Available in four cool color combos, these sleek golf shoes will turn heads in the clubhouse.

Designed with Clarino micro fibers, the shoe wears in quickly and comfortably. After a short trip to the range, you’ll be ready to wear them on the course. The sole is firmer than some others, but there’s plenty of cushion to keep you supported. The actual lining material is very smooth and comes with a lot of padding. Your foot stays comfortably locked in place and doesn’t slip, even in difficult terrain.

The shoe features 100% Gore-Tex waterproof material giving it great functionality even in the worst conditions. It’s light, comfortable, and grips wonderfully. Under Armour fitted the shoe with rotational resistance spikes, which keep your foot cemented in place, and fully connected with the grass at every point throughout your swing.

The Spieth 2 is more lightweight than its predecessor and offers even more comfort. There’s nothing not to like about Jordan Spieth’s preferred choice in golf shoes.

How did we choose?

We’ve covered a healthy variety of golf shoes of different styles, designed with different priorities in mind. Plenty of golf shoes reviews will barrage you with ads and confusing charts and data. In reality, picking the best golf shoes for you is mostly a matter of preference. We considered some of the following criteria when deciding which shoes earned a spot on our top list:


Golf shoes follow the old adage of, “you get what you pay for.” While there are a few shoes on our list on the inexpensive end of the price spectrum, the best golf shoes out there tend to be $100 or more.

Cheap shoes deteriorate. They quickly lose their support, springiness, and eventually, waterproofing, and cleat length. A robust shoe is designed to hold up to the elements and the rough action on the course. It’s built with durable materials that will last for several seasons.


Lighter & more flexible golf shoes can assist with your swing motion, and a lot of journeyman golfers like the free feel and weightlessness of them. However, if your shot has some mustard on it, some strong support in your soles can enhance your ball control and accuracy. In those cases, lightweight shoes can make it easy to over swing.


If you’re here, you’re probably already price-conscious and want the best golf shoes for the lowest cost. Our list ranges from the lowest end at around $30 to the super premium shoes reaching price points upwards of $200 or more. 


Even the serious golfer likes a more stylish option to accompany his utilitarian competition golf shoes. A lot of the shoes we like are stylish and on-trend, with one or two classic throwbacks in the mix, too. While style is a secondary consideration to functionality, we still don’t wanna see you hit the course in clown shoes.

Weather Resistance

Particularly for spikeless golf shoes, which sit very close to the ground, waterproofing is an important protection that’ll keep your footwear lasting much longer.

Any good pair of golf shoes should have some layer of weather resistance. Even without a waterproof coating, you’ll want a shoe with the durability to withstand the elements of the course.

These are the best golf shoes that we’ve found for this year and beyond.

Did we leave anything off the list? Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite pair.

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