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These days, most golf gear is loaded with crazy technology. Golf equipment is engineered to be the best it can be based on carefully-measured scientific study and testing.

Golf bags, on the other hand, can’t be measured in launch angles, swing weight, or patented milling designs.

Instead, the best golf bags are the ones that make your life on the course as easy and as comfortable as it can be. Of course, they should also be protective and durable to keep your clubs safe. 

To that end, our top list of the best golf bags on the market is full of variety to help you find the best bag for your buck.

Our Top Recommendations

For golfers who love extra features

Where To Buy It

For serious golfers

Where To Buy It

For golfers who need a lightweight, mobile golf bag

Where To Buy It

For both casual & serious golfers who love the gridiron

Where To Buy It

For competitive golfers seeking durability and high capacity

Lightweight and water-resistant

Nine pockets for the ultimate in storage capacity

Less than a year ago, Sun Mountain came out with their 4.5 LS stand golf bag. This high-end bag for competitive players improves upon previous models, with top-end materials and easy-to-use design.

At 5.2 pounds, this is one of the lightest-weight bags of its size available today. The oblong top features a built-in rubber handle for quick movement between short distances. For general carrying, the E-Z Fit Dual Strap System has three layers of padding to keep your shoulder comfortable across 18 holes.

The 4.5 LS stand bag is fit with nine zippered pockets to give the serious golfer a spot for everything he or she could possibly need:

  • Full-length clothing pocket
  • Hydration pouch
  • Hydrophobic velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Numerous pockets for balls, tees, accessories

Plus a few cool extras like:

  • Pen Holder
  • Towel Clip
  • Umbrella Pouch

This bag is also configured for carts, featuring a strap pass-through to keep it nice and snug on the back of your cart, positioned such that it doesn’t get in the way of the pockets.

This water-resistant back is available in up to 8 slick color choices to fit any style. While it carries a heftier price tag, it’s well worth the superior construction, durability, comfort, and capacity.

Weight Top Dividers Top Size Handles Pockets Colors
5.2lbs 14 10.5" E-Z FIT® DUAL STRAP SYSTEM 9 8

For golfers who need a lightweight, mobile golf bag

Dual-strap system reduces impact on body while carrying

Optional customizable ball pocket to make your bag one-of-a-kind

While Izzo isn’t exactly the best-known brand in golf, they make a quality golf bag at a bargain price we just can’t pass up.

This ultra-lightweight bag is made out of durable high-strength polyester fiber, and has a tough exterior that’ll protect your clubs from rough handling. Despite that, it comes in at only 3.2 pounds, making it easy to handle even for golfers with mobility concerns.

The comfortable dual-strap system makes it incredibly easy to walk the golf course with this bag, but its slim size also makes it compact enough for the back of a cart.

With three pockets and a phone sleeve, you’ll have plenty of space for balls and accessories, as well as a couple of valuables. Izzo will also custom-design your ball pocket, so you can emblazon your company logo, family seal, or even your favorite sports team on your bag! Available in four classic colors, this budget bag is one of the best bargains on our top list.

Weight Top Dividers Top Size Handles Pockets Colors
3.2lbs 4 10" Integrated SmartGRIP Handle + Dual Strap 3 4

For players who want lots of features at a low price

Full-length dividers and nylon construction for ultra-durable protection.

Carriers & holders for pens, umbrellas, towels, etc… you name it!

More than just a reasonably-priced golf bag for cart use, the Hot-Z 3.5 has everything that a serious player needs to show up ready to play.

The dividers on this bag stand out because they’re full-length, meaning your club shafts are fully protected, not just the club heads. Already, this feature makes it one of the most protective bags on our list.

Featuring three separate lift handles strategically placed around the bag, you’ll have no trouble handling & maneuvering the Hot-Z 3.5 whether you’re carrying it around the course, or packing it up for travel. By the way, it’s a great bag to keep your gear safe on a trip, especially in conjunction with the CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover.

The Hot-Z 3.5 has six zippered pockets offering tons of carrying capacity. Some top features include:

  • Hydrophobic velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Insulated bottle pocket
  • Towel ring & velcro glove attachment
  • Tee, pen, & umbrella holder
  • Rain hood

The padded carrying strap sits around the back, with an elastic band helping to keep it secured when not in use. It’s made of a light “dobby nylon” material making it soft and easy to carry.

Available in two low-key style optinos, the Hot-Z 3.5 Designer cart bag is a serious bag for serious players, but priced so low it’s accessible to the neophyte golfer, too.

Weight Top Dividers Top Size Handles Pockets Colors
10lbs 14 9" 3 - Top middle, middle rear, lower front 6 4

For a trip to the range, or a quick nine at the par 3 course

Weighs under 2 pounds for ultra-lightweight carrying

Available in eight stylish color options

We couldn’t get through a whole top list without covering at least one Sunday golf bag. The Orlimar Pitch & Putt Stand/Carry bag is perfect for a quick nine, a round of par 3, or a trip to the range.

Two compartments on top can safely fit as many as seven clubs, keeping your load ultra-light and easy to carry. The bag itself weighs in just shy of two pounds – it’s the lightest bag on our list!

To keep it light, the carry strap is just a single shoulder strap with some lightweight padding. While it’s comfortable enough, it’s very firm and durable. The standing legs are firm and sturdy, and won’t get flimsy with regular use (just don’t over stuff your bag).

Being so compact, the bag only comes with one accessories pocket, so you’re not going to carry very much with you. However, you’ve got enough space for a few balls & tees & pencils & whatever other pocket-sized embellishments you like to add to your game.

Weight Top Dividers Top Size Handles Pockets Colors
1.95lbs 2 4.25" Durable Carry Handle 1 7 standard + 1 Patriotic Red, White & Blue pattern

For both casual & serious golfers who love the gridiron

Eight pockets offering superior carrying capacity to hold all of your essentials and not-so-essentials

Engineered for carts, but lightweight enough to carry

For the ultimate fan in you, show off your colors even in the gridiron’s off-season with Wilson’s massively popular NFL cart bag. Don’t be fooled by an obvious branding move; these bags are action-packed with everything you need to earn another W and fight your way to the championship.

Despite its bulky appearance, the NFL cart bag weighs in at just 5 pounds by itself, making it one of the most lightweight full-sized bags you can buy. It’s “XTRA technology” base is engineered to help it stand in the back of a cart, even despite its size.

The bag is constructed from an high-strength polyester material that keeps the bag weather-resistant for many seasons, and protects your clubs from the elements. This durable bag will outlast many running backs and corner backs during its lifespan on the back of your cart.

The NFL cart bag has eight zippered pockets:

  • One hydrophobic velour valuables pouch
  • One insulated cooler pocket
  • One rangefinder pouch
  • One full-length apparel pocket
  • Two large accessories pouches for balls, tees, etc
  • Two side mesh pockets for quick access to utilities

It also has a few other cool features such as:

  • An umbrella sleeve, velcro glove carrier, and towel clip
  • Water-resistant rain hood
  • Quick-activating stand for seamless walking experience

The carrying strap has two layers of padding and comes with a hip pad to make the bag diverse enough to walk for 18 holes, despite being billed as a cart bag. The double-padded strap is configured for for points of contact, making it easy to mount on and off of your shoulders.

It comes with a standard rubber carrying handle, and includes a handy boot grip to help you easily lift the bottom of the bag into your trunk.

Available in color combinations for all 32 NFL teams, every golfing football fan can represent their city both on courses at home and abroad.

Weight Top Dividers Top Size Handles Pockets Colors
5lbs 14 9.5" Carry Handle & Strap with Cart Loop 11 All 32 NFL team color combinations

For golfers who need a comfortable, well-balanced bag

X-Act Fit straps for perfect carry-weight distribution

17% more carrying capacity than previous models

Another light-weight but full-featured bag on our list, the Hyper Lite 3 weighs in at just 4.7 pounds! It’s a mobile bag that’s easy to carry for a full round, with great stands that will last you for multiple seasons without wobbling.

The X-Act Fit strap system is precision engineered to be self-balancing on your shoulders, offering superior weight distribution so that you’re not draining your energy between holes. The multi-layered padding and proprietary fabric blend makes both the strap and the bag itself ultra-durable and reliable against adverse weather conditions.

The Hyper Lite 3 features 8 pockets and up to 17% more carrying capacity than its predecessors. You’ll find spaces such as:

  • Cell phone sleeve
  • Magnet-sealed valuables pocket
  • Strapped umbrella bungee for subtle & tidy storage
  • “Hidden” rain hood pocket behind hip pad
  • Full sized apparel pocket
  • Insulated water bottle pocket
  • Three accessories pockets for balls, tees, etc

The Hyper Lite 3 is available in 5 colors, including a sleek red, white, & blue pattern, a perfect choice for the upcoming Memorial Day and July 4th celebrations. By comparison to other Callaway products, this golf bag comes in at a comparatively low price, making it one of the better deals for high-end, brand-name gear that we’ve ever recommended.

Weight Top Dividers Top Size Handles Pockets Colors
4.7lbs 4 9" X-Act Fit Strap System 4 4 standard + 1 Patriotic Red, White & Blue pattern

For golfers who want military-style protection and lifelong durability

100% authentic military grade canvas material assembly

9 pockets for the highest storage capacity around

Through American history, brave men and women have laid their lives on the line in defense of our nation and our values. Hot-Z loves to celebrate our veterans and our active duty troops, and now, you can do so right on the course, with their authentic line of military performance golf bags.

Just looking at these bags, you can tell they’re ultra-durable and highly functional. They’re built to last a lifetime, and will keep your clubs & gear as safe as our service members keep our nation.

And, to be sure, the fabric is 100% authentic military-grade canvas material. These bags will hold up beautifully in adverse weather conditions, maintaining not only their durability, but their slick, clean look, too. Even the zippers are heavy-duty stainless steel, keeping the bag functional for years to come.

The Active Duty bag sports a jaw-dropping nine zippered pockets, including:

  • 3 zippered golf ball pockets
  • Front-side insulated hydration bottle pocket
  • Full-sized apparel pocket
  • Rangefinder pouch
  • 3 accessories pockets for bulk balls, tees, etc

And great features like:

  • Towel hook, umbrella holder, velcro glove attachment
  • Pen & scorecard sleeve
  • Rain hood cover

Available in style for the Army, Navy, and Air Force, you can show your support for our troops in style, while knowing you’ve got the most durable bag ever made.

Weight Top Dividers Top Size Handles Pockets Colors
10lbs 14 9.5" Padded Carry Strap 9 US Army / US Navy / US Air Force

For golfers who love extra features

Soft-Grip putter pocket for over-sized putter grips

15-way top with full-length protection

The Datrek DG Lite II is a superior golf bag at an insanely superior price. Its 15-way top gives you more space than is even permitted in competitive play (but don’t worry, the bag is legal as long as you only carry 14 sticks). Each slot features its own full-length dividers, giving your clubs the ultimate protection, and giving you fast & smooth accessibility as you swap clubs in and out of the bag.

Despite its bulky size, the bag weighs in at a mere 4.2 pounds. Its light-yet-durable nylon fabric keeps the weight off, while keeping your bag protected for seasons to come.

It’s also nice & easy to handle, featuring lift-assist handles that help you get the bag in and out of your car and your golf cart. The shoulder strap is only single-layered, but still allows you to easily carry the bag when you’re not riding.

You’ll find seven pockets on the DG Lite II:

  • Two full-sized apparel pockets
  • Large golf ball pocket
  • Fleece-lined valuables pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Two accessories pockets
In addition, you’ll find all the good fixings that a practical golf bag should come with:
  • Velcro glove attachment, towel ring
  • Pen & tee holder
  • Umbrella strap
  • Cart pass-through loop

A notable feature that we haven’t seen on other bags is the Soft-Grip oversized putter pocket, which has a cushioned lining large enough to fit an over-sized putter grip. This gives your putter the ultimate protection, keeping its fine tuned design in like-new condition for amazing putts every time.

Loaded with features and available in 9 slick colors, this DG Lite II is a great value for the all-around golfer who expects a little bit more from their golf bags.

Weight Top Dividers Top Size Handles Pockets Colors
4.2lbs 15 10.5" Padded Carry Strap 7 9

The ultimate protection for your golf bag while traveling

1800D nylon fabric, some of the most protective soft material on the market

1 year full bag replacement warranty (covers damage by airlines!)

We figured there’s no better time to talk about a travel cover for your golf bag, especially with the summer time coming up and vacation season on the horizon.

This cover is made out of an 1800D nylon fabric, one of the strongest and most protective fabric coverings you can buy. It has some extra head room to give your club heads more padding, as well as to better distribute weight across the cover. It’ll even help protect your bag against the elements, should you find it in the hands of a bad airport handler or poor weather conditions.

Your clubs are further protected by compression straps both on the inside and outside of the cover. Heavy duty stainless steel zippers, then, help keep the cover closed up securely. The zippers are then lockable, for even more protection against weather, handling, or intrusion.

The cover features in-line rolling wheels, making it perfect for long excursions through the airport, and then to your eventual destination. The skate wheels are not only high-quality, but they’re easily replaceable should they eventually wear or if they experience any damage. Any luggage repair shop should be able to fix it for you, if you’re not able to do it yourself.

Plus, CaddyDaddy offers a 100% 1-year full replacement warranty in the extremely unlikely event that the Constrictor 2 bag is damaged. They’ll even cover damaged caused by the airlines!

Weight Handles Pockets Colors
9lbs 2 Rubber Handles & Padded Nylon Handles, riveted for extra security 2, oversized for extras like golf shoes 2

Our Verdict

With dozens of products available even on Amazon alone, we wanted to bring you a condensed list of the best golf bags out there in 2020. We focused on some of the most important components of a practical golf bag:

  • Materials & their durability
  • Head capacity & divider count
  • Pockets for essentials & accessories
  • Comfort and carrying ease

And, of course, we wanted to offer different styles, whether you prefer a subtle look or a little bit more flair.

Each and every bag on this list has something unique to offer, but we did manage do narrow it down to a few favorites. If you want us to get down to brass tacks, here’s a 3-sentence summary of the best golf bag we could find:

For the best all-around experience, you can’t go wrong with the Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag, offering tons of features.

The best bang for your buck comes in the Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag, giving you great functionality at a low bargain price.

For the most durable bag you could ever buy, you’ll want the military-grade Hot-Z Golf US Military Active Duty Bag, made with 100% authentic canvas fabric.

OK, we’re going to include one more bag in our summary:

For the ultimate fan, we can’t stop raving about the Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag, built with not only some of the best construction around, but including tons of features suitable for casual and competitive golfers alike.

Have you tried anything from our top list of the best golf bags? Or, are there any golf bags you’d like to see us review? Leave a comment to let us know how we can help you improve your game!

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