• By Jordan Edwards

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Meet the Callaway Epic Flash, the sole driver to win a perfect 20 out of 20 on last year’s Golf Digest Hot List. Golf WRX has called it the best driver for swing speeds of up to 105mph. So, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the Callaway Epic Flash and how it boosts your game off the tee.

Loaded with advanced technology and precision-engineered by some of the top golf scientists on the planet, the Callaway Epic Flash delivers breathtaking performance that leaves your old driver in the dust. As you’ll go on to read, this club was engineered with some of the most advanced technology humanly possible. Golf equipment hasn’t seen rapid advances like this in years. The Callaway Epic Flash is meant to enhance ball speed, distance, and forgivability in such powerful ways that even newcomers to the game will see massive improvements to their drives. “Epic” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver

The hottest technology in metalwoods today

Designed by analyzing over 15,000 prototypes using ultra-powerful AI and machine learning, Callaway has advanced club face technology by over 30 years in just a matter of months.

Check out what the Epic Flash driver can do for your game.

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Flash Face Technology

Callaway pays its engineers top dollar to develop innovative creations for the golf course. For the first time ever, Callaway has employed artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to hyper-accelerate the research and development process. They bought the fastest and most powerful simulator they could get their hands and gave it a simple task: design the fastest clubface possible.

Their simulator analyzed over 15,000 digital prototypes, comparing each of them and narrowing them down to find the most optimal configurations. The new face is a fresh design that doesn’t look anything like its predecessors. In fact, Callaway boasts that a regular computer simulator would’ve taken well over thirty years to make the same calculations.

Testing for the Flash Face technology shows that it extends your longest drives and boosts even your fastest ball speed. There’s been an extraordinary amount of hype around the Epic Flash, and it’s starting to prove its mettle in the hands of real golfers.

The Flash Face shape on the Epic Flash results in ball speed and launch power like you’ve never experienced before. Flash drivers are unique in that no other clubhead has a face quite like them. However, it’s not just the unique face that makes the Callaway Epic Flash perform at a higher level. There’s also the epic Jailbreak technology that reinforces the face with even more ball speed and power.

Jailbreak Technology

Callaway’s popular Jailbreak technology makes yet another appearance in the Epic Flash driver. While Jailbreak has been a feature of Callaway’s golf equipment for a few years and isn’t an innovation discovered through artificial intelligence, it remains one of Callaway’s flagship features for its drivers.

Jailbreak helps create faster ball speed, resulting in better distance off the tee. It achieves this by stabilizing the clubhead and face with a pair of titanium bars that help maintain the head’s shape through impact.

Upon striking the ball, with a hollow clubhead, the crown and sole of the Epic Flash will flex and wobble, destroying the integrity of the design that was engineered to boost your ball speed. Even with the advanced engineering of the Flash Face, the Epic Flash still needs this stability. The face is too far to the front of the clubhead to correct this problem on its own.

This is a term in physics known as energy lensing. The titanium bars create tension between the crown and the sole, preventing that flexing from happening. This results in more of the energy being transferred to the ball through impact. The resulting drive has more ball speed and distance, especially off the sweet spot. Jailbreak technology is one of the hottest features in metalwoods today.

Triaxle Carbon Crown

The superior clubhead design on the Epic Flash doesn’t stop with those impressive features. The Jailbreak feature is only even possible with the carefully-engineered head shape and choice of materials.

Both the crown and sole are made out of Callaway’s proprietary triaxle carbon. Triaxle carbon is a specially woven blend of ultra-light, ultra-strong carbon fibers that result in some of the lightest clubheads Callaway’s ever made. Nearly half of the body is made of the triaxle carbon, helping you improve your swing speed and boost your distance.

The Epic Flash Driver features an even lighter new triaxle carbon fabric, T2C, with a tighter weave than ever before. The extra weight savings results in improved inertia, greatly improving the forgiveness of the Epic Flash, and maximizing energy transfer through shots on the sweets spot. This adds even more ball speed to every shot.

In addition, the combination of the Jailbreak bars with the shape of the triaxle carbon crown not only helps keep the club light and move energy through impact, but it helps to redistribute weight through the head. This subtle feature resists bending and twisting through your shot, keeping the weight lower to the bottom of your clubhead. As a result, the Epic Flash is more forgiving, with an improved sweet spot.

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting

Another unique feature of the Epic Flash Driver is Callaway’s adjustable perimeter weighting. Quite literally, this refers to an adjustable weight on a 5-inch track along the perimeter of the clubhead that you can reposition to change your draw or fade. Instead of hacking away at the range to fine-tune that draw, you can tune the club to your swing to put the ball exactly where you want it.

The weight sits along the back edge of the club to stay out of the way of the Flash Face and Jailbreak features that improve your impact. Plus, sitting in the back, the weight keeps your swing shape in line, rather than sliding towards a traditional draw or fade. This way, you can shoot more consistently and with more forgiveness.

This was only made possible through Callaway’s triaxle carbon crown design. Because the carbon keeps the clubhead so light, they’re able to add the excess weight of the adjustable slider without affecting playability. At around 7 ounces, the clubhead is playable for a large range of golfers at all skill levels. It’s not too heavy and awkward for a new player, but it’s not so light and flimsy for a tournament player, either. Coming in at a D2, it’s got a surprisingly average feel for a club that’s packed with so many extras.

Callaway OptiFit Hosel

Previously featured on the Callaway Rogue drivers, the OptiFit Hosel is an adjustable hosel that gives you full control over your loft and lie. An upper nozzle and a lower nozzle. Different combinations under different conditions will help you alter the trajectory of your shot as well as better control your trajectory.  The club has its standard loft, which you can then add to or subtract from in one-degree increments to better improve the angle of your shot. Then, there is a setting for both neutral lie, and draw-biased lie.

The OptiFit Hosel reduces your need to add clubs to your bag for situational play. The customizability make the Callaway Epic Flash driver more diverse in long-range golf, allowing you to shoot it effectively off the tee or the grass. However, we might not recommend shooting it out of the sand!

Style and Appearance

Beyond its unique technology and superior functionality, the Callaway Epic Flash driver is one of the more slick-looking drivers on the market. Callaway designs some of the coolest crown shapes and grip designs, with subtle carbon-fiber black behind a cool, confident green.

The head shape itself isn’t exactly round, but it’s not triangular. It’s not compressed, but it’s not extended, either. You can chalk this unique style up to the AI engineering that brought it to us. Plus, the stock shafts are available in either a matching green, a subtle smokey gray/black, or a slick blue.

Feel and Sound

Characteristic of the awesome technology in the Flash Face, the Callaway Epic Flash driver has a crisp, powerful sound off the face in the sweet spot that tells everyone just what kind of drive you hit. It’s not pingy, but not hollow, and it transforms with the quality of your hit.

You can typically feel an off-kilter shot, but this is amplified by the ultra-lightweight triaxle carbon crown. The reduction in weight from the T2C fibers might help transfer energy through the ball, but it also transfers shock back through the head and up the shaft of the club. This results in finer feedback from the shot, giving the Epic Flash driver a feel like no other Callaway around.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver Testing and Performance

All of the technology discussed here results in quite a complex driver. Testing clubs is a highly subjective practice, and can even be counterproductive when done by the hands of a poor golfer. Instead of bombarding you with numbers and statistics that even pros don’t bother to understand, let’s cover some of the key performance details that make the Epic Flash the new driver of the future.

The Callaway Epic Flash driver is suitable for golfers of all skill levels, making it a highly accessible club no matter how long you’ve been playing. The swing weight is a D2, which is a common standard for most men’s drivers. As we mentioned, the weight distribution of clubhead keeps the club stable through your swing, so even a neophyte with poor fundamentals can keep some control over the flight path of their ball.

This is further amplified by the adjustable perimeter weight, which allows you to exercise much greater control over your flight path overall. The 16-gram sliding weight gives you infinite options as far as how to weight your swing, while not being so heavy that it throws your swing off its line. This feature, combined with the OptiFit hosel, gives the Callaway Epic Flash driver some of the most customizable swing settings you can get. If you like to shoot straight, consistent shots, and let the club do a lot of the work for you, then the Callaway Epic Flash driver is a great choice for your golf bag.

Our Verdict

For its price point, the Callaway Epic Flash driver is undeniably one of the more premium golf metalwoods on the market in 2020. However, you can save yourself a ton of money by buying used or refurbished, so we’ve included those price checks here as well. However, for its insane functionality, we can’t recommend a 1-wood any higher than the Callaway Epic Flash driver right now. This club comes standard with some of the coolest technology in the game today. Give the Epic Flash a spin at the range, compare it to your favorite driver, and see what Callaway’s AI and machine learning engineered epic masterpiece can do for your golf game.