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Superior golfers have an opportunity available to them that the rest of us can only dream about. By building the best golf simulators in their homes, they can sharpen their skills on the course while simultaneously holding down a full-time job or training for a triathlon.

But golf simulators aren’t just for the ultra-wealthy anymore.

Golfers of all skill levels are starting to enjoy the benefits of golf simulators. However, if you’re not completely satisfied with your game and need a little bit more practice, try out one of these best golf simulators for an improved experience!

Our Top Golf Simulator Recommendations

Our top pick

OptiShot 2 Golf-in-a-Box

The gold standard for indoor golf simulators.

  • Meticulously developed for ten years, resulting in an amazing product that’ll help you improve your game.
  • Play with up to four people at a time in a multiplayer match.

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Our top pick

Full Swing Sport Series Home Golf Simulator Package

High-speed cameras allow for true-to-life analysis.

  • Everything from the sights and sounds to the ball flight on-screen mimics an actual round of golf.
  • Captures every detail for an exciting game with real-time feedback.

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Our top pick

Uneekor QED Golf Simulator

For a more convenient golf simulator setup.

  • Tracks your daily improvement with instant feedback.
  • Fast, easy installation!

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Our top pick

FlightScope Mevo+

Tracks improvement in every aspect of your game!

  • Built-in sensors that analyze every swing in high definition detail.
  • Hitting bay assembles easily and quickly.

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OptiShot 2 Golf-in-a-Box

Meticulously developed for ten years, resulting in an amazing product that’ll help you improve your game.

Play with up to four people at a time in a multiplayer match. The gold standard for indoor golf simulators. 

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Jordan’s Favorite!

Described by Golf Digest as “the gold standard for golf simulators,” OptiShot2 is the top-selling golf simulator in the world. The simulator features a video projection system that displays golf courses with realistic 3D graphics on its 180-inch, ultra-bright, high-definition, full-color screen.

The simulator has an upgraded multiplayer mode. This means you can now play with up to four people at a time in a multiplayer match.

The OptiShot2 isn’t a mere simulator. It’s the product of a decade-long research and development process. The OptiShot2 will help you achieve accuracy in your swings for an immersive experience as if you’re playing real golf.

The OptiShot2 is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to improve their performance on the golf course. Whether you’re a beginner, casual golfer, or a professional, the OptiShot2 will help you improve your game.

The main advantage of playing golf on a simulator is that it offers a realistic environment that simulates that outdoor golf experience, minus the weather. This is because the indoor golf simulator uses a projector that projects the image of a golf course on a large screen, which makes the game of golf more enjoyable and exciting.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, then you know how important the course is to the overall experience. The course is an integral part of the game because it’s the only environment that you can get the full experience of what it’s like to play golf. The Optishot 2 simulator comes with 15 of the most famous golf courses in the world, including Pebble Beach, St Andrews, and TPC Sawgrass.

The Optishot 2 home golf simulator is an excellent value proposition that allows golfers to practice their strokes and improve their game. Its low price point belies the system’s high functionality, durability, and ease of use. For several hundred dollars, you get a fully functional home golf simulator from which you can practice pitch shots, chip shots, and even full drives.

Full Swing Sport Series Home Golf Simulator Package

Everything from the sights and sounds to the ball flight on-screen mimics an actual round of golf. 

Captures every detail for an exciting game with real-time feedback. High-speed cameras allow for true-to-life analysis.

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Premium Selection

Full Swing Golf simulators offer the most realistic golf experience you can find. Everything from the sights and sounds to the ball flight on-screen mimics that of a real round of golf. The high-speed cameras, which capture your ball’s entire flight in real-time and virtually eliminate any delay between your swing and seeing the impact on screen.

These golf simulators are changing the way amateurs and professionals practice for their favorite sport. Their golf simulator provides true-to-life golf ball flight as well as immediate feedback on swing mechanics.

The Full Swing Sport Series features a true architectural design that blends seamlessly into your home or office. They’ve taken a full-featured golf simulator and added even more realism with a high-speed line scan camera, coupled with a fast refresh rate projector to enable movie-like graphics. This provides you with the fastest image refresh rate on the market today, fully immersing you in your golf practice.

The ability to play from any position, view your shot’s trajectory from multiple angles, and even watch your shot’s interaction with the environment is a level of realism that was previously unattainable — until now. This simulator includes all of Full Swing Golf’s high-end features including an energy-absorbing screen, high-speed cameras, and the same projector used in Full Swing Golf’s commercial simulators for a much lower price point.

Full Swing golf simulators are used by PGA Tour Professionals, LPGA Tour Professionals, The Arnold Palmer Pro-Am, The Bob Hope Classic, and other top Professional Tournaments, Pro Shops around the world, and more everyday people who just want to improve their game without having to leave their home.

Uneekor QED Golf Simulator

Tracks your daily improvement with instant feedback. Fast, easy installation! For a more convenient golf simulator setup.

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Best Bargain

The Uneekor QED Golf Simulator package is designed to allow golfers to hone their skills at an affordable cost. It provides all the stats you need plus it’s easy to set up and use! 

The Uneekor QED lets you train & play your way, 100% risk-free with no interruptions without worrying about distractions and bad habits from other players around your ball spamming on a driving range. With the modern design and one-time installation you’ll be back on course in no time. Now, available for lefties too!

The new QED Golf Simulator offers fast responses for instant feedback on how you’re getting better every day. Get longer drives with the QED launch monitor while experiencing zero interference needing only one quick installation. Train harder in less time thanks to this efficient machine that can provide data from both high speed cameras for more precision analysis of your game or just play less by practicing right handed strokes with ease.

The revolutionary QED with Ignite Golf Simulator is a must-have for professional golfers and aspiring amateurs alike as it features easy installation, flexibility to practice left- and right-handed strokes, dual high-speed camera technology, and countless other convenience features.

FlightScope Mevo+

Built-in sensors that analyze every swing in high definition detail. Hitting bay assembles easily and quickly. Tracks improvement in every aspect of your game!

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Most Accurate

Sensors come in the form of tiny devices that record and analyze every swing. The Mevo+ is a brilliant evolution in the game of golf, equipped with radar technology to analyze every swing, including ball speed and launch angle. It provides detailed information about your shots — anything from ball spin to distance — immediately providing target feedback for each swing.

The FlightScope Mevo+ is the perfect blend of high-tech and old-school, with a sleek design, high-quality materials, and streamlined set-up. It’ll start recording the second you take it out of the box, and once it’s paired to your smartphone, you don’t have to do anything else.

Using the Mevo, which builds upon the success of its predecessor, the FlightScope Mevo+, you’ll be able to track and improve on your every move, from ideal swing speed to ideal spin. You’ll also be able to see your exact angles of impact on the golf ball, helping you collect valuable data that can be used to improve your game over time.

Because it’s wireless, you can’t just take the monitor out on the course without it being connected to your smartphone or tablet. After each shot, the launch monitor instantly transmits your swing data to the app. From here, you can click through to graphs and other information about your stats.

The hitting bay is critical to the home golf simulator because it provides you with visual feedback on every swing you take. If you want to be able to see the path of your bat in order to make changes to your swing, you’ll need a hitting bay. Assembling the Mevo+ hitting bay is easy. Once you have all of the pieces and parts in front of you, you just need to follow the instructions and put everything together.

Create an in-home theater experience using your launch monitor and projector. Like the hitting bay, you’ll have to buy this product in addition to the launch monitor. A dedicated projection screen with a built-in mobile device mount transforms your launch monitor into a state-of-the-art video training tool.

The FlightScope Mevo is one of the most highly sought-after golf simulators on the market. It builds upon its predecessor, which was just as well received by customers and critics alike when it debuted in 2016. Golfers can track their every move from ideal swing speed to impact angles with this product along with seeing where they’re at compared to professional players’ average statistics so that you know what needs work for your next game!

If you need to improve your golf game, the Mevo Golf Simulator is for you. This simulator accurately tracks and improves on all aspects of a player’s swing motion including their ideal spin rate or ball speed. You’ll also be able to see exactly how far off impact angles are with this new device by viewing data collected from each shot taken while in usage.

Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor

An easy-to-use, high quality device that’s perfect for beginners and experts alike. Virtual reality courses without any environmental limitations. Creates life-like experiences from anywhere!

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Imagine a world where you can play the greenest golf courses right in your home, with no limitations whatsoever. The Foresight Sports GC2 is a residential golf simulator that can be installed by professionals or simply set up yourself: either way it promises to immerse you in an elevated virtual reality like never before. This state-of-the-art device renders life-like experiences through its insanely accurate surface system and powerful technology for precision sound effects. So say goodbye to less than perfect weather conditions and tee outside when you want!

The best part about the GC2? As one of the best golf simulators on the market, this launch monitor systems give golfer’s game feedback straight from his/her shots: including accuracy location, distance, ball speed, swing degree, etc.

The best thing about our products is that you don’t need to go out and buy anything but a GC2 Residential Golf Simulator. Our golf simulators are great because they offer a chance to relax while still getting in some quality practice time and hone your skills on the greens or at any of your favorite courses. Just plug it in once, set it up according to specifications, add your clubs if you’re using our Performance Simulation Launcher (no changing parts), and start swinging! You’ll be able to play right away with the included video game-style content, as well as remote-update next-generation content when we release new expansion packs – all without upgrading components or software!

Foresight Sports GCQuad

Play on any course in all kinds of weather. Collects all your performance data in real-time and allows you to analyze every shot. The world’s first quadrascopic launch monitor.

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Foresight Sports announced the launch of the GCQuad, a new launch monitor that delivers industry-first performance for indoor/outdoor golfers. The GCQuad is the world’s first quadrascopic launch monitor and boasts a long list of industry-first features for fitters, instructors, and golfers of all levels.

From the first tee to the last putt, The GCQuad is a game-changer.

GCQuad Golf Simulator portable golf simulator setup takes under a minute. Once set up, the GCQuad delivers an incredibly accurate game environment with true golf club head analysis and a very real feel. It provides comprehensive data at your fingertips to help you improve your performance, including ball flight pattern, smash factor, and other key metrics. The product can be used for individual training or coaching sessions or as part of a complete golf academy.

The Foresight Sports GCQuad is the most accurate, user-friendly golf simulator in the world. Allowing you to practice your short game in a real-golf environment, provides accurate data and feedback about your club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, and more. The GCQuad gives you the total picture of your performance and is perfect for individual training or coaching sessions.

The GCQuad is an ultra-premium golf simulator with four cameras that captures both ball and golf club performance data in real-time. The GCQuad uses quadrascopic image clarity to capture ball behavior, and when paired with high-speed equipment it gets equally fast results.

GCQuad is the most advanced home golf simulator ever built. Its powerful sensors collect all of a golfer’s performance data in real-time, allowing every shot to be analyzed after the fact.

Practice with the assurance of knowing that your GCQuad golf simulator package comes with a massive range of new features designed for high-performance, outdoor users. Whether you’re looking for a target adjustment, real-time stats, or an adjustable kickstand, the GCQuad has what you’ve been looking for. A built-in infrared light source provides weatherproof durability that lasts a lifetime.

HD Golf Simulator Ultimate Entertainment Package

Helps improve skills such as driving power by showing video clips. Simulates practice facilities that include target ranges with chipping and putting greens. Features an authentic indoor golf environment.

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The HD Golf Simulator is perfect for both beginners as well as advanced players. It includes everything you need to practice your short game without hitting a single ball from your garage or basement. This simulator features a realistic indoor golf environment that allows the golfer to hit real golf balls from any area of the room, without fear of damaging walls and windows.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the HD Golf Simulator helps you play better golf. The HD simulator combines a high-quality golf ball with advanced club tracking technology to give you the most challenging and realistic golf experience possible.

HD Golf Simulator is the most advanced indoor golf simulator in the world. Simulated practice facilities include target ranges with chipping and putting greens, advanced ball/club tracking and trajectory analysis, including launch angle, ball and club speed, and swing-path measure.

The HD Golf Simulator allows you to practice and play on any course in the world. The system uses advanced computer vision technology to track clubs, balls, and trajectories for the most realistic simulation experience in the industry today.

OptiShot GS13 Studio

High-quality impact screen is designed for long-term use. Features an aluminum frame that’s durable yet stylish. A realistic, 3D experience that feels like the course.

Learn More at OptiShotGolf.com

OptiShot Studio has over 98 square feet of UltraHD Impact Screen. This high quality hanging screen is designed for long term use, so you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing expensive screens and missed advertising opportunities! The studio includes pockets in the side walls for cables that can be accessed easily by pulling them out rather than retracting them back inside. 

Easily plug in your own lights or purchase our (optional) light kit to provide illumination and dimensionality to your visuals. In order to fit these extreme dimensions, OptiShot’s GS13 Studio comes with a reinforced aluminum frame–similar to what one might find behind a movie theater or TV monitor!! You’ll love how quickly it sets up and the possibilities for adventures this powerful rig

It features a luxe aluminum frame for style and durability with studio walls made from impact screen so it looks great, can act as a flat-screen TV, movie theater for outside use or watching YouTube videos at Birthday Parties; perfect for sports lovers too! You’ll love this product not just because of its sleek look but also because of its versatility among your various ventures.

Protee Ultimate Edition

Offers the realism and competitive edge of playing an actual course. Immerses you in unrivaled high-resolution graphics with zero load times between holes. Generate your own golf courses in minutes!

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Enjoy an elite golfing experience any time of the day indoors with Protee Ultimate Edition! The sophisticated, playable course design software is ready-to-play within minutes and allows you to create your own realistic virtual golf courses in just a few clicks. Immerse yourself in unrivaled high resolution, high-performance graphics with zero load times between holes providing you the freedom to play unlimited rounds, never worrying about rain or other natural hazards affecting your score as you work on perfecting every shot for your next competitive event.

The Protee Ultimate Edition is a powerful piece of golf course design software and an amazing indoor golf simulator package. With over 150,000+ courses to choose from that have been created by the world’s best designers, you’ll be playing right on your PC or TV in no time at all.

Protee gives you engaging presentations with high-quality graphics and sound effects giving you a realistic golf experience like never before. The user-friendly interface lets anyone create their own virtual golf course using intuitive tools such as our “drag and drop” function for adding obstacles to your 18 hrs or sprinkling water hazards around any time or place of your choosing – 250,000+ other features waiting for you!

This groundbreaking, unlimited course golfing experience is finally a reality. Thousands of courses are built into the program so you can choose from an endless variety of layouts and designs to play with friends and family in any space imaginable – all you need is your Protee Ultimate Edition home golf simulator, some power, and a big enough indoor space!

The intelligent design tools allow for easy hitting mat construction without any guesswork or time wasted on leveling surfaces too hard to build on. Just create solid regions that contain your fairways, roughs, bunkers (whether natural or manmade), water hazards (i.e., ponds), and other hazards like tall out-of-bounds grasses. Add trees if desired by touching around the map to add them randomly at the desired height.

The software allows you to tee off, hit fairway shots, chip, and putt from your golf mat. High-speed cameras for ball tracking and state-of-the-art, light-speed infrared sensors ensure that every detail from every swing is recorded.

Best part? It’s an amazingly cheap device on par with any machine/product out there nowadays! No need to make long trips to a country club (with ridiculously high dues) or play at home when we can provide this chance right in our living room!

Who wouldn’t want their own low-impact solution so they don’t have body pains while still being able to enjoy the sport they love?!

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Game Improve Package

Grants you the power to sculpt your shots with detailed statistics and a professional-level game! This package has everything for statistical analysis and game improvement. For an in-depth analysis of every shot!

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The SkyTrak Game Improvement Package grants you the power to sculpt your shots with detailed statistics and a professional-level game! Sharpen your tennis skills or golf swing with this high-quality product at home, on the driving range, or wherever your competitor exists.

No matter where you turn up next—ballroom dance studio? Full court basketball five-onight challenge?—SkyTrack will guarantee technological assistance that empowers every type of player. With its 5 hours autonomous battery life, intuitive shooting mat system that adjusts automatically depending on whether you

With the SkyTrack Game Improvement Package, you’ll obtain every statistic about your shots and have powerful graphs to help shape your game. From the distance of a drive or putt to the angle at which it is hit to how fast it flew; this package has all that you need for statistical analysis and improving one’s game. The Launcher was made specifically with indoor use in mind but also works well outdoors on its metallic protection. And when under 20 pounds’ weight, it packs enough power for up to 5 hours of play time- perfect for those long rounds! Don’t settle for less than these cutting edge features as they offer every golfer more intelligence about their shot than ever before.

The SkyTrak launch monitor is the best golf training tool on the market! With a suite of tools and challenges that encompass not just your skills, but also improve your mental game, your SkyTrak launch monitor will make you more confident golfer. It all comes together with high-quality launch monitor to meet any golfer’s needs and wants!! 

The world’s best golfers trust their instructor to guide them as they train for major tournaments. And now we have an easy launch monitor interface that walks you through drills designed by PGA professionals for elite performance. Track your progress in our state-of-the-art software for improved accuracy and distance control. Use GPS mapping so lessons can travel with you anywhere in the world. For those who like some competition among friends, we have added multiplayer modes and leaderboards.

TruGolf Vista 10 Base Unit

This unit will have you focused on every detail in the game from anywhere in your yard! Includes one year of E6 Connect subscription and is compatible with many languages. Mimics zones like greens and roughs perfectly!

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Get an unexcelled gaming experience on a golf course with the TruGolf Vista 10 Base Unit. Equipped with HD 720p Projector, this unit will have you focused on every detail in the game. It also includes a basic 1 year E6 Connect subscription and is compatible with many languages including English for worldwide installation. The TruTrak2 technology provides accurate readings of your stroke distance that’s paired with Premium Fairway Turf to perfectly mimic outdoor conditions like greens and rough. With side nets as an option for enclosing your play space, choosing this Base Unit will give you the opportunity to play from any location at all times.

The TruGolf Vista 10 base unit is the gold standard in construction and performance for golfers who want top-quality but are happy with the basic one year subscription to E6 Connect. The shipping weight of this all-inclusive package (processor, projector, touchscreen monitor, cables and fasteners) exceeds 100 lbs so a more permanent installation may be necessary. 

You can always keep up on current scores or enter competitions from around the world without taking your eyes off of shot placement thanks to automatic scorekeeping with tracking.

This base unit offers golfers an excellent introduction to the TruGolf family with its long design, 10-foot by 27.5-inch turf, and computerized technology. A premium foundation for aspiring recreational players or pros looking for a smaller unit.

Compatible with all TruGolf Vista sensors, the 10 Base Unit has everything you need for day-to-day play. Adjustable height from 3’8″–4’10”. 2500 square foot turf area. Your screen-sized choice is 7×7 or 5×11 inches in landscape or portrait orientation. 

The TruGolf Vista system is a proven tool for game improvement and speeding up learning for golfers. You can be confident your investment will only grow in value over time based on what we’ve seen from our customers!

Uneekor EYE XO Golf Simulator

Calculates over one million data points all the way through your swing! The most accurate trajectory monitoring of any golf simulator available. Advanced technology for the serious golfer.

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You might be surprised at how many golfers don’t have access to a driving range of any kind. What if you could put your own backyard on the map, and save money as well?

You too can practice your swing indoors or out, with Uneekor’s EYE XO Golf Simulator package. This golf simulator is easy to set up and includes over 60 levels of realistic play! You will face challenging obstacles like water hazards, rough terrain, winds/incoming weather and so much more in this do-it-yourself experience. There are even games such as PuttPutt (3 holes) that allow you to test your accuracy on real-life putting courses like Royal Oak! Combine our virtual reality world with an

UNEEKOR EYE XO is the most advanced overhead camera-based golf launch monitor for several reasons. One is the EYE non-marking ball technology allows you to play, practice, and train with any ball you choose. Second, is all-inclusive for the most accurate golf club data measured in real-time. Looking for the UNEEKOR EYE XO Price? Use the contact us button below to get your hassle-free quote today, the UNEEKOR EYE XO cost is actually much lower than what most clients assume. 

With the addition of EYE XO, UNEEKOR introduces another technologically advanced launch monitor. Utilizing high-tech camera technology that calculates ball rotation and positioning in three dimensions at over 1 million data points per second, the Club OPTIX can help golfers see what their eyes cannot fully capture on a tee box: where they strike the ball with your clubface and how those shots could be modified to improve both consistency and distance. With its built-in swing analysis capability, it is perfect for professionals looking to sharpen their skills or for students who want a deeper understanding of golf mechanics. 

Uneekor EYE features the most accurate ball trajectory ever seen on an indoor golf simulator. Since it’s laser-based, you’ll have pinpoint accuracy on any course anywhere in the world with precision to within one inch of distance and one degree of rotation! You can also take full advantage of Uneekor Eye XO’s professional golfer analysis software for detailed body shape measurements and virtual swings with over 300 golf swing types, including Fred Couples, Justin Rose, and Tiger Woods each with their own motion capture handsets (no controllers). Now there is no excuse not to practice like the professionals every day; whether your blood pressure needs some relief or achieving that perfect balance between a tight grip and loose grip when holding the club.

How To Shop For Golf Simulators

Choosing the right golf simulator can be a difficult process. There are many different types of golf simulators, and each one is designed for specific needs. The price will depend on what you need it for – if you’re just looking to make your friends better, then choose the cheapest model that has enough features to do so (such as clubs or other equipment). 

You can find golf simulators that offer different types of courses and even have swing feedback systems to help simulate real-life swings in more detail than other models on the market today. They also typically come with an instruction manual so it’s much easier to get started. Plus, if there are any problems or questions about the simulator setup – which is highly unlikely but not unheard of – the company should be able to provide answers quickly and easily through email support or live chat options. 

Hitting Bays

Indoor simulators are used to raise swing speed, launch angle and ultimately short game performance. The only way to do so with precision is by using a golf simulator that mirrors what you’d find in the outdoor world – hitting bays, for example.

The hitting bay is by far the most important piece of equipment in the golf simulator room. This piece is meant to provide you with visual feedback on every swing, while also creating a safe place for you to get your repetitions in.

Size of the Golf Simulator

The size of the golf simulator room is also important because it dictates how much space you’ll have for hitting. If your facility can’t afford a larger area – such as the pro shop at a public course or an entire floor in your house – consider using smaller machines that will still provide all of the necessary data and feedback to help elevate your game.

Hitting Mat

The hitting mat is another integral part of any indoor golf simulator setup (you don’t want anyone getting hit with range balls!). A hitting mat makes sure people know where they’re swinging so they stay clear from other players on their machine by giving them enough room to take swings freely without worry.

Golf Club Storage and Maintenance

Golf club storage and maintenance is an important feature of golf simulators. It’s a common misconception that clubs should be stored in the bag, but actually, it can lead to rusting or scratching due to contact with other metal implements like zippers on pockets and buckles for straps.


Most importantly, the best golf simulator should have a realistic feel. Oftentimes, this is measured by how many people you’ll be able to play around with when on the machine and what kind of terrain it has – for example, sand traps or water hazards. The feeling shouldn’t be too different from playing in reality; if there’s no way to replicate these aspects then your device may not give you as much satisfaction as one that does!

Other Considerations When Purchasing a Golf Simulator

The following are a few of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a new indoor golf simulator.

Equipment Compatibility

Be sure that it can read all types and brands of balls so as not to limit yourself in any way.

Impact Screen Space Requirements

Second, make sure there is room enough inside the projector screen size for people who may need more than one swing per shot if they miss their first try. 

Accessories & Upkeep

Thirdly, find out what kind of accessories come with it- such as clubs or other equipment necessary for playing -as well as how much maintenance those items require over time; some devices allow users access through an online account where updates can easily be made on everything from scores to golf club sets.

Subscription Costs & Access Fees

Lifetime access with no monthly or annual fee! You can play as much as want and keep up with all of the latest technological advances without paying additional fees. 

High-Definition Immersive Experience

HD graphics in real-time 3D environments mimic what it would feel like if you were actually playing against human opponents rather than computer ones; this is perfect for those who struggle taking their game outside due to weather conditions (too hot? too cold?) 

Versatility & Realism

A large selection of golf courses to choose from. Even more importantly, does the simulator offer recreations of real courses like Pebble Beach?


Home golf simulators are the perfect game improvement tool. If you’re not happy with how things are going, it may be time for an upgrade! Golfers of all experience levels can benefit from the use of these golf simulators, so if you’ve been thinking about getting one or upgrading to something better – now’s the time! 

In addition to helping players perfect their swing, some golf simulators have features like video analysis that allow users to review footage in slow motion playback while providing feedback on what they did wrong. This helps people identify mistakes without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed by others seeing them make errors. So don’t wait any longer; get started today and find out what makes these the best golf simulators for practicing at home or on the go.