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The revolutionary C3i wedge has been plastered all over golf club ads on TV and the web, even featuring a long-form infomercials airing in the wee hours of the night. Because who isn’t shopping for a new sand wedge at 3am?

Don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s just another gimmick of a golf club. As we’re going to discuss here in-depth, the C3i wedge is changing the short game for hackers of all handicaps, all over the planet. A lot of wedge reviews touch on the C3i wedge, but don’t cover its finer points and its true benefits. This wedge is our favorite golf club out of any of our reviews to date, and our play around the green hasn’t been the same.

C3i Lob & Sand Wedge

For point n’ shoot approach shots that can’t miss!

Loaded with features to improve your short game:

AutoGlide Xtreme Sole improves aerodynamics lowering CG

Classic alignment system w/ glare-free coat

Compact Groove face milling

ABS Badge for shock absorption

Three different loft angles

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Quick Hit Tech Specs

Wouldn’t you love to have the confidence of knowing you can whack the golf ball out of the sand trap, onto the green, without taking extra strokes and turning up sand? The C3i wedge, with its 65 degrees of loft and its proprietary AutoGlide Xtreme Sole engineering, cuts beautifully through sand and rough, any lie at all, without the need to open the blade!

It’s easier than ever to set up on each and every shot. The C3i wedge is built for  you to “point n’ shoot” your way to lower golf scores. Just line up, take aim, and fire straight on target. No fancy tricks necessary.

Let’s touch on some of the key specs that make the C3i wedge the ultimate 65 degree lob wedge on the market.

Low-Set Center of Gravity based on Aerospace Engineering

The C3i wedge club head has a specially-designed shape that mimics the flow of air over an airplane wing. As they demonstrate in their infomercials, this airflow combined with the angle of the heel, gently pushes the center of gravity downward.

Golf wedges made for competitive golfers are optimized for power and distance, but not necessarily for easy, forgiving shots. The C3i makes it simpler than ever for beginner golfers or high handicappers to save par shooting out of the sand.

Precision Engineered Sole for Perfect Impact

That unique head shape we mentioned? It’s complimented by a widened, lowered sole that helps the golf club cut through the sand to create the perfect impact on the ball. The C3i floats effortlessly through any difficult lie, giving your short game an edge from anywhere inside 60 yards.

Glare-Resistant Finish & Alignment System

This lob & sand wedge is polished with a beautiful black finish, which features a glare-resistant coating to keep the overhead sun out of your eyes as you address the ball. The face of the golf club, then, is sandblasted and painted along the bottom groove to give you a clear look at your alignment. C3i’s claim to fame is that you can just point-and-shoot your way out of the bunker. It’s never been easier than with their crystal clear alignment.

Classic Shaped Top & Colors

While this golf wedge looks unusual, it’s actually built to have a classic look at address. The top of the wedge is shaped and finished to look just like a traditional golf club, while the unique shaping and weighting takes place below.

On top of that, the black and red scheme with white highlights has tons of aesthetic appeal, and even contributes to deadening the glare of the sun. The C3i wedge might be a technological masterpiece, but it’s designed to make play as simple and accessible as it can be!

Polymer Face Insert for Ultra-Sensitive Feel

The wedge has a polymer insert plate behind the club face, adding to the springiness and sound of each shot. It has a sturdy feel and puts lots of spin on the ball.

The faster spin and extra spring off the club face adds some nice extra distance to the C3i wedge, too. No matter where you’re standing in the bunker, you can shoot the ball nice and close to the pin every time. Just line up perfectly straight and shoot. No fancy stuff needed.

Compact Grooves

Ultimately, the groove milling on your golf wedge is most of what determines how much fine-tuned control you can have over the ball.  The C3i’s custom-milled compact groove pattern not only launches the golf ball at superior angles, but it gives you phenomenal spin resulting in the best control of any golf wedge we’ve reviewed to date.

Control is the most challenging part of golf for each and every player, but especially so for juniors and beginners. The C3i wedge eliminates the need to make advanced adjustments when hitting out of tough lies or during bunker play. We’ll say it again: just point n’ shoot.

Multiple Loft Angle Choices

In our guide, we’re focusing on the standard C3i wedge model, measuring 65 degrees of loft. However, like any diverse sand wedge or lob wedge (or any golf club for that matter), the C3i wedge is available in other loft options. In this case, you can also find it in a 55 degree of 59 degree configuration, both for right and left handed players.

This gives you the added benefit of shooting your C3i wedge from even further out. You’re not about to replace your pitching wedge with it, but you might find yourself pushing the manufacturer-suggested range of 60 yards just a little bit farther. If you like the feel and consistency of the 65 degree C3i golf wedge, then you might as well replace your lower-loft utility wedges with this superior club.

Key Benefits of the C3i Wedge

The C3i is the real McCoy. We’ll break down each of its benefits in detail here.

In summary, though, it feels like you’re swinging through the fairway even in the roughest of rough. It’s as smooth as the fairway lawn even on tough, uneven sand.

It doesn’t dig; it cuts. You’re not going to chop divots or hit behind the golf ball, especially coming out of the bunker. So long as you can line up properly, the ball will head for the pin every single time. You’ll be able to cut through more sand, more easily, with less swing than you’re used to.

Superior Feel through Impact

Among the most impressive qualities of the C3i wedge is the tremendously responsive impact. It’s as if you can feel every vibration of the club through your fingertips as you swing through the ball, giving you a precise touch for the perfect shots. You’d think you were shooting with a wedge that the pro golfers carry on Tour.

It’s the unique engineering of the club face that makes it feel and sound clean. Many clubs have polymer face inserts, but the C3i’s gets extra support from the heel shape and the center of gravity. Impressively, the impact is consistent across different surfaces, whether you’re shooting from the fairway or the sand.

Ultimate Shock Absorption

The C3i features what the maker calls an “ABS Badge” positioned immediately behind the hitting area. This offers you tons of shock absorption, and even boosts the already superior feel to each shot.

We discussed the ultra-fine control that you have with each shot, as you can feel the tiniest vibrations in your hands. The ABS badge controls that feedback, ensuring that it’s not too powerful, thus deadening your read on your shots.

Alignment Made Easy

We’ve already mentioned the sandblasted club face, but what does it do?

The matte appearance greatly reduces glare off the face of the club. Plus, since the face isn’t as smooth, the sweet spot is a little easier to hit, since a poor swing won’t slice the ball with quite so little friction.

The bottom groove of the wedge has a bright white strip you can use as a visual guide when you address the ball and aim your shots. Since all you have to do is point n’ shoot, alignment is as simple as lining up the white guideline with the exact spot where you want to drop your ball.

Ultimately, this forces you to practice your stance and your aim, as consistency is the key element to playing great golf with the C3i. At the same time, being such a forgiving wedge, an inconsistent beginner can easily hone in on their mistakes and hone their fundamentals.

High Lob with Greater Control

Because the club performs so consistently, you can depend on a steep arc to every shot. The 65 degrees of loft allow for even more height in your short game than most wedges on the market, even on tough flop shots in tight lies.

As we discussed, the high rate of spin affords you greater control over your shots. Since you can put the ball so high in the air with this wedge, all you have to do now is fine-tune the amount of spin on the ball, and you’ll have granular control over your approach shots.

Even golfers with advanced experience and top fundamentals have trouble with difficult approaches. Shots like these are where superior equipment can make all the difference.

Resistant to Mishits

In order to help golfers achieve greater accuracy, distance, and control, the C3i is engineered with an anti-rotation club head and face. This super stable club face resists opening or closing at impact, producing increased performance, no matter where you  strike the ball on the face through your shots.

Stability, anti-rotation, plus a massive amateur-friendly sweet spot mean you’ll get out of the bunker, rough, and fairway (and closer to the hole) a lot more often than with any other wedge you’ve tried. Wet, thin, tight lies have never been more of a cinch than with the C3i.

What to Think About When Buying a Sand Wedge or Lob Wedge

Groove Milling

Grooves in the face of a utility wedge are a key factor in how the club performs. With the right swing speed, the tight grooves on the face of the C3i wedge give your ball that extra spin we mentioned above. More spin means more controlled shots. The better you get as a golfer, controlling the spin on your approach shots is a quick way to slash several strokes off your scores.

You can test this out for yourself; shoot around the green with a traditional wedge compared to the C3i wedge. Pitch the ball, take a couple flop shots, take a couple bunker shots… no matter where you hit the ball from, you’ll notice that improved spin and tighter aim.

Bounce & Impact

Bounce is a product of impact, and leads to faster shots with more spin. But there’s a lot of befuddlement among golfers regarding what bounce really means, particularly with wedges. Let’s clear things up.

Bounce is the angle between the front edge of the club and the bottom of the sole (the trailing edge). This is the part of your wedge that cuts into the ground when you strike your ball. The higher up the leading edge is off the surface when you address the ball, the more bounce your shots have.

Wedges with lots of bounce will typically have much broader undersides that help golfers cut right through difficult terrain. If you find your ball in tall grass, you want to use a golf wedge with lots of bounce. So, when you’re shopping for wedges, it’s critical that you consider the position of the club’s edges, or, its bounce angle. The highest leading edge will be the wedge with the “leading edge” against the competition!

Club Combination

Of course, no single golf club in your bag will win you any championships. No, it’s the combination of every club in the bag that will help golfers achieve success on the course.

Wedges are where you tend to have the most versatility regarding what you want to put in your bag. Finding the right golf wedge is often a challenge, as review just like ours go into detailed technical specifications. Remember the chat we just had about wedge bounce angles?

The C3i wedge is among the highest-lofted lob wedges, coming in at 65 degrees of loft. Examine your play with your other wedges and ask yourself if you need this extra lift, or if you prefer the distance of your lower angled lob wedge. Shoot around the green from multiple distances with different wedges to get an idea of your the sweet spot in your short game. In particular, get out your sand wedge and take several direct comparison shots to the C3i. We’re confident you’ll see an improvement in accuracy, distance, and spin, but we’ll let you make that judgment call for yourself.

Is the C3i Wedge Good for Beginners?

The short answer? Absolutely.

The less short answer? Well, are a couple of important points to call out. The C3i wedge is fantastic for high handicappers because it takes so much of the sophistication out of the short game. Obviously, this means the same for a beginner, too, right?

The disadvantage is that beginning golfers won’t develop all of the theory and fundamentals involved in the short game. With a traditional wedge, and eventually custom clubs, everything from bunker play around the green to flop shots from across a hazard is approached with different methodology.

We see no harm in a beginner playing with a C3i wedge, so long as they also take the time to play with standard wedges with different mechanics.

In Conclusion

The C3i wedge is, without a doubt, the best lob wedge you can get for the price. It’s accessible even to golfers without deep pockets, making it appealing for beginners and veterans alike.

Whether shooting around the green, firing bunker shots, or working on the all-around short game, the C3i wedge can help golfers of all levels improve their play. Plus, the C3i wedge is 100% PGA legal and is suitable for all levels of competition.

If you aren’t happy with the results you get from your C3i wedge, you’ve got no problem. The manufacturer offers golfers a competitive 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. They’re so positive you’ll love their wedges that they back them dollar for dollar.

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