Best Golf Grips Reviewed (2023 Buyers Guide)

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If you’re a golfer, then it’s likely that the grip on your golf club is one of the most important features. 

A bad grip can cause all sorts of problems for your swing. 

So what are the best grips for golf clubs? We rounded up 11 different products to give you hands-on reviews of each product. 

This way, you’ll be able to find out which one will work best for you!

For optimal control in all weather conditions.

Made with premium materials and protective packaging.

Comfortable grips with enough durability to last several seasons.

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For improved lower-hand stability.

Softer rubber increases impact at MOI.

Tacky micro-texture improves grip in wet conditions.

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For excellent control and accuracy.

Smart-360 grip pattern ensures perfect traction no matter how you install the grip.

The default choice for many Taylormade systems.

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Ultra-light grips that don't add any weight.

Available in multiple sizes to fit any golfer’s hands.

Prevents discomfort through long rounds of play.

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For optimal control in all weather conditions.

Made with premium materials and protective packaging.

Comfortable grips with enough durability to last several seasons.

Champkey Golf Grip is a high-quality all-weather control golf grip set that includes everything you need to re-grip your clubs. 

Rejuvenate your game with Champkey! With one comprehensive set, it includes 13 grips and 15 tapes for any grip type on the market today. 

Made with the finest quality materials and thoughtful packaging, this new product from delivers an unrivalled professionality in golf grips thanks to great feedback from pro players who rely on their equipment more than ever. 

Champkey products offer durability where it counts (from cotton threads) PLUS comfort (with a soft micro texture), stability (lush brushed cotton thread) — plus responsiveness that never disappoints: the Champkey grip surprisingly “grips” your hands and the club.


For improved lower-hand stability.

Softer rubber increases impact at MOI.

Tacky micro-texture improves grip in wet conditions.

Golf Pride MCC is a high-quality grip that was created to offer a larger lower hand and increased stability on the downswing.

It features large, soft rubber hands for comfort and control with eyelets through which you can thread your belt or garment while playing golf. 

We feature both all-weather grips as well as regular ones, so whichever type of product you might be in the market for our experts are here to help!

Finally, the grip you’ve been waiting for your entire life. The Golf Pride MCC MultiCompound Plus4 is made up of an attractive bundle of features that will have you playing like a pro in no time. 

Developed by Greg Norman and his team, this hybrid grip has it all: Tour-proven design with larger lower hand and new softer rubber material; 4% higher impact on clubhead than OG MCC; new softer compound built for increased feel while maintaining stability through the impact zone. 

The New Decade MultiCompound MCC Plus4 is a tour-proven, hybrid grip with a 4.6% larger lower hand than the Original MCC and a new softer rubber compound that encourages lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power. 

The upper hand has soft materials in traditional colors of white/black/red that are paired with strategically placed Micro-Texture for downswing stability, making this golf grip comfortable to hold on any day. 

While no one likes rainy days at the links, our Luxurious Golf Pride grips can stand up to wet weather conditions without compromising performance or slip resistance thanks to their water-resistant urethane finish!

For excellent control and accuracy.

Smart-360 grip pattern ensures perfect traction no matter how you install the grip.

The default choice for many Taylormade systems.

The Crossline 360 Genesis Full-Cord Golf Club grips are the highest quality golf club grip in their class. 

The club is named a “standard” choice for TaylorMade clubs, and it’s easy to see why. 

You’ll notice an immediate increase in control from the first moment you use it!

The Crossline Genesis Full-Cord was designed for golfers looking to regain control and accuracy. 

The latest material is made from the world’s most advanced playability component for golf grips, known as Genesis. 

The entire market will be amazed at how much better your shots feel when you’re wrapping on this full-cord grip with our smart 360 pattern that allows for every angle of install possible. 

Original equipment manufacturer TaylorMade continues to rely on the performance of our exclusive design, promoting it as a standard choice on many wedges and clubs in their lineup.

Ultra-light grips that don't add any weight.

Available in multiple sizes to fit any golfer’s hands.

Prevents discomfort through long rounds of play.

Their luxurious weightlessness also makes them exceptional for tournament play – pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau has already put his stamp of approval on these grips!

The world’s No. 1 golf grip company finally has an ultralight, professional-grade grip that you’ve been searching for: JumboMax Ultralite Grips! Weighing only 20-25% of a previous traditional size, they’re getting the job done with just the right amount of feel and power. 

Tooled from slender stainless steel wire rather than the thick alloy your old grips were made from, there is less weight to swing around- giving users quicker tempo changes as well as more control on full swings with big impacts or short shots into greens where accuracy counts over distance.

The grips are available in 12 sizes to fit any hand size and grip preference- from the narrowest finger tip widths, all the way up to a double-wide design that will stretch over two fingers on those days when you’re feeling like your hands are too small for such big clubs. 

They come with or without cord holes drilled at an angle so they can be easily installed by sliding them onto club heads and then threading one end of a steel wire through each hole before twisting it together just once around both wires (a task most golfers should be able to manage). 

You’ll appreciate how durable these new ultralight grips feel in your hands– especially when they don’t hurt as much after hours of swinging.

Discovered in the rough, JumboMax Ultralite Grips are what golfers need when they’re looking for a performance advantage. 

The ultra-light design adds an edge to power and swing speed, while a slightly oversized profile promotes better grip control. 

With Twist-Resistant StabilityCore technology to provide added strength when teeing off in the toughest of conditions, JumboMax Grips are ready for anything on course.

Thick grips with plenty of cushioning.

Superior tackiness helps keep hands locked in place.

Perfect taper gives you finer control over each shot.

The award-winning, Lamkin Sonar series now features a straight reduced-taper profile.

This design is revolutionary in club grip performance as it improves the player’s hand unity and eliminates excess grip tension to maximize control with exceptional feedback sensitivity. 

The Lamkin Sonar Club Grip is, essentially everything a golfer could want in a grip. 

It’s specially designed with Genesis Material compound to provide improved durability and an unmatched sense of stability during play. 

The decrease in taper time creates supreme hand unity, which eliminates excess grip tension.

And—thankfully for your hands—the fingerprint technology means that you can always ensure maximum comfort thanks to the perfect custom fit. 

Golfers will appreciate this innovative product for its ability to keep up with their demanding game, no matter where they find themselves on the course.

Constructed of innovative Genesis Material compound for improved durability and tackiness, this club grip is proof that nothing plays like more than usual when you have Sonar.

This grip is perfect for the golfer seeking to make a statement. 

The Lamkin Sonar Club Grip combines handsome style with high-performance technology that enhances your game.

Lamkin Sonar is an affordable option for golfers looking to save money on grips. While the grip has a lower price point, it doesn’t mean that you sacrifice quality when purchasing this product. 

The Lamkin Sonar offers great durability and tackiness thanks to its synthetic construction.

This grip is a little thicker and has more padding than others. 

It provides great feel in the hands, insulates them from vibrations, and also absorbs moisture to keep your hands drier on those hot days. 

The Lamkin Sonar Grip is very durable too! One downside of this grip though— it’s not shock absorbing when you hit the golf ball hard. 

So if that’s important for you, consider something else like Golf Pride Soft Feel or Winn DriTac grips instead (see below). 

Premium engineering that creates perfect softness.

Tacky surface keeps steady traction against your gloves.

This grip is soft, but doesn’t absorb too much shock so you get plenty of feedback from every shot.

The most advanced and sophisticated grip in the game – customized for your individual tastes, performance requirements, and personality.

Superstroke designed this performance-driven grip with a premium engineered rubber compound that provides just the right amount of softness and tack.

Then they added Cross-Traction™, an expertly tailored surface texture that ensures you’re never searching for traction. 

Like it? Make it yours to keep!

The S-Tech Club Grip is the ultimate in feedback and control. 

Superstroke created a grip that ensures stability regardless of weather conditions, guaranteeing you can focus on your game. With Taper Control Technology guiding every step of your swing, you can be confident even on those touch shots early in the morning – get ready for a birdie!

Take it out golfing, stop wasting time on grips or replacements! This grip features a long-lasting material and reduces slippage due to improved control and tackiness. With the refreshing design of this club head grip you will be bursting with self esteem as you take a swing at every hole in sight. Check out gorgeous Pebble Grey for your new favorite accessory today!

Plenty of cushioning without sacrificing stability.

This grip is lightweight and suitable for all weather conditions.

Golf Pride is among the top-rated golf grip brands on Amazon due to their superior durability and performance.

The best grips for golf clubs are the ones that give you control of your club. 

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip is a popular choice because it offers just enough cushioning to help absorb some vibration without sacrificing too much stability. 

It’s also different from many other options on this list in that it includes an index finger pad, which helps with alignment and swing consistency.

Best of all: This grip can withstand heavy use! 

One downside is that its purple color may not appeal to everyone, but hey, what matters most is how it feels during play!

The all-weather control grip is perfect for players looking for a lightweight, durable option that can maintain consistent performance. 

Available in an array of colors, the Tour Velvet grips are designed with high feedback and moderate surface textures to give you the advantage before every shot. 

The leather layers offer fantastic feel on swing impact and unlike other rubber grips they’re unaffected by cold weather or perspiration so your hands will stay dry no matter what.

Golf pride Tour Velvet Golf club grips are the most popular grip choice in golf today. 

Our profession rubber-blend compound will give your clubs that crisp feel you’ve been looking for, along with a non-slip surface pattern to maintain total control of your shot. 

A mild texture is scientifically designed to provide consistent traction and keep moisture from interfering with the grip pressure for shot after shot of premium performance. 

Add an aggressive look and feel to your game by upgrading to Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet grips today!

A firm feel and plenty of padding.

Tactile print improves grip traction.

Expels moisture quickly to stay dry through long rounds.

All golfers are different – some prefer a light grip while others enjoy a firmer feel. 

The Dri-Tac Standard Golf club grips from Winn help accommodate for all needs. 

With our patented tactile print and Winn’s signature PVC linings, you can be sure that our grips will fit your preferences so that you’re always comfortable on the course.

Dri-Tac Standard Golf club grips are constructed for dry weather conditions and provide a comfortable feel while remaining slip-resistant in various types of environmental elements. 

Winn Dries potent mixture of polymers remains durable even after long, rough sessions on the course. Ideal for those that have tried other brands but find some to not live up to their expectations. 

Dri-Tac possesses an abundance of firmness levels available which can suit any type of golfer’s needs. Be ready to push your boundaries with Dri-Tac when you get suited up this weekend during a round at your favorite golf course!

Best Putter Grips

The most important thing to look for in a putter grip is the size. 

You want one that’s sized correctly so it fits well in your hand and provides the appropriate feel, no matter how you prefer to hold it. 

The next factor worth considering is what material will provide the best friction and which texture feels good against your hands while maintaining durability.

For sleek comfort through the most delicate putts.

Excellent control and traction.

Plenty of feedback to help you read your putts.

If you need one more piece of equipment to make your golf game complete, this putter grip should be it. 

The Matador Medium 11-in grip is a sleek and classic addition to your golf bag. 

From the comfort of a bold black band to the subtle silver writing displayed at the top of this well-crafted product, there’s no need for hesitation when investing in high-quality accessories like Scotty Cameron’s grips. 

Whether you’re looking to stand out may luck on tour or are simply in search of an upgrade kit for recreational players, our extensive selection will have something unique waiting just for you!

Control and comfort are ultra-important which is why we put so much care into each facet of these grips to give you that edge in knowing how every shot will handle before it leaves your wrist.

This matador grip, with its black and rich red color scheme speaks loudly about confidence and luxury; perfect for showing off at tournaments or putting up at home.

For an inexpensive grip that offers pro quality.

This oversized grip has the perfect taper for smaller hands.

Ergonomic shape aids control during difficult putts.

Meet the lightest oversized grip from Ping. The PP65 Pistol is perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable and quality putter grip that’s still light on the pocket. 

Light in weight but heavy in quality, this oversize pistol grip comes with an extra-large diameter of 1.3″. 

Featuring a slight taper for control, it may be smaller than most but it sure doesn’t feel like it!

The Ping PP65 Pistol putter grip is the lightest oversized Ping grip offering. Weighing just 65 grams the PP65 Pistol grip has an oversized diameter of 1.3″ and features a slight taper for added control in both hands.

With a smooth feel and robust design, the PP65 Pistol putter grip is equipped with a strategically placed grip texture for a luxurious feel. 

Be in control of your putts and trust this grip to keep you confident when executing that perfect stroke. 

The PP65 oversized pistol grip was designed with an ergonomic cylindrical shape to fit comfortably in both hands thanks to a slight taper giving players absolute control over their catching or putting strokes. 

This 65-gram version is lighter than most PU grips sets at 83 grams on average, so look no further for an edge-of-the-bunker helper, too!

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