Square Strike Wedge Review (Updated 2023)

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Anyone who watches PGA play (or, the Golf Channel in general) has seen their share of corny golf club infomercials. They’re great at hocking golf clubs, but if you listen closely, they’re all making the same hefty claims and empty promises. But they’re always tempting, right? One golf club ad, in particular, caught our eye, and we decided we had to give the Square Strike Wedge an in-depth review. 

The square strike wedge is a chipping and pitching wedge built to simply your short game, stripping away some of the nuances to wedge pitching and simplifying your golf swing. You’ll notice that it has a similar look and feel to a putter, and that’s by design. The Square Strike Wedge is a golf club made to be shot on a straight line, much like your putting motion, enabling you to take aim and fire at the green from anywhere up to 60 yards away, and from almost any spot around the green.

For point n' shoot pitching and chipping!

Precision engineered for putter-like swings

Ultra-wide sweet spot virtually eliminates fat hits

Low CG and wide sole glides through any surface

In-Depth Tech Specs

The Square Strike Wedge is jam-packed with unique technology and custom-engineered designs that make it a one-of-a-kind golf club. Let’s check out some of those designs to learn more about how the Square Strike enhances your short game.

Extra-Wide Sole for a Wedge

Compared to other chipping and pitching wedges in your bag, the square strike wedge has an extra-wide sole, with a soft curve running from the heel to the toe. It’s also milled with shallow grooves that keep the club stable through the ground, keeping friction to a minimum even in tough, dry grass.

The size and shape of the sole keep the golf club gliding smoothly without losing balance. This extra bulk accommodates more weight and ultimately gives the club a much wider sweet spot. This helps you eliminate fat hits, keeping your ball tight to its line and hitting your target more consistently.

Dig-Free Leading Edge

With all the focus on a straight-shooting golf wedge and no fat hits, the head is customized further with a beveled leading edge, angled perfectly to keep the club from digging or catching. Whether you’re shooting from the rough, the fairway, or even the sand, the square strike wedge makes shooting around the greens easier than ever.

Many chipping and pitching wedges have sharp, strongly-defined leading edges that give the ball a little extra lift and distance on a perfect swing. However, even a small miscalculation in your swing can result in a rotated club head, poor contact with the face, or even a dreaded divot. With the angled leading edge on the square strike wedge, you can’t make the same hard contact with the turf, and the weight distribution keeps you from rotating the clubhead. Testers even tried hitting the golf ball fat, and had trouble shooting anywhere but dead on straight.

High Loft

The square strike wedge has a 45­° loft angle, putting it closer to the loft of your 9-iron than many wedges. While this does keep your distance a little bit lower, it gives the wedge far more flexibility to shoot in a variety of lies. Low running shots are certainly ideal for the square strike wedge, but a proper pitch will be lofty and have low spin, helping you drop the ball within mere feet of the pin. These shots won’t quite compare to a true lob wedge, but you’ll get the height you need.

This is especially helpful when pitching out of the rough, as the extra lift allows you to put the full force of your swing behind your shot, with as little power being lost to friction as possible. It also helps you lift the ball out of deep bunkers without hitting the wall of the sandpit.

High Lie Angle

The default lie angle on the Square Strike wedge mirrors most putters, coming in at 68° instead of the usual 64°. While this limits the wedge’s ability to hit versatile pitches, it’s the perfect angle for low running pitches and chip shots. Testers with a great variety of swing types and styles have experienced similar results, particularly between 45 and 60 yards from the green.

The high angle does make it more difficult to get good contact in tricky lies, particularly if you need a lot of lift. However, with the proper alignment, it’s as simple as finding a straight line to your target and taking your shots.

Putter-Length Shaft

The lie angle isn’t the only component of the Square Strike Wedge that’s been borrowed from putter design. The club shaft measures 35 inches, which is the typical length of a standard putter. 

Remember, the Square Strike Wedge is a golf club built for simplicity. In order for you to point n’ shoot with ease, it’s designed for it to swing like a much easier club in your set, your putter. In this way, you only need to employ one type of stroke in your short game. Shots around the green have never been easier.

Weighted Blade Putter Style Head Shape

The putter design concept also shows in the head shape. The Square Strike Wedge is a blade-style wedge, much like many of the most popular putters on the market. This gives the golf club even more of the feel of a standard putter, helping you further uniformize your shots.

The wedge design accomplishes a few important goals. Firstly, it gives the wedge a lower profile, with a much longer clubface. This means your sweet spot is much larger, comprising a little more than 1/3 of the center of the head. As a result, you can vary your stance, power, and swing speed to your liking with little risk of hitting it fat or tearing up dirt. Also, the extra weighting in the head helps guide your upper body through a putting stroke motion while keeping wrist action to a minimum.

The extra weight also helps keep the clubhead stable through impact, further improving the sweet spot and keeping your shots in line. 

Square Path Alignment Guides

Finally a more traditional design choice for golf wedges, the Square Strike Wedge has simple vertical lines for visually aligning your shot. Because the rest of the club is designed to simplify your swing and your overall golf game, all you have to do is learn how to properly align the ball to the indicators on the clubface, and the club will do a lot of the work for you.

Why not use a putter style clubface design here? Oftentimes, putters have carefully, finely-tuned milling to control ball movement across the green. This doesn’t serve any purpose for pitching or chip shots. Additionally, when putting, you have a much different view of the ball from your stance, so the clubface doesn’t mean as much to your alignment. The best design choice here, again,  is the simplest one.

Key Benefits of the Square Strike Wedge

Simplifies Chipping and Pitching

What else is a wedge for? Well, there are a few answers to that, but your primary needs are going to be pitches and chip shots. The Square Strike Wedge isn’t as effective for lob shots and its usefulness maxes out around 60 yards. Remember, the Square Strike Wedge is built for simplicity. It doesn’t have endless applications like some other infomercial wedges boast, but that’s a great reason it’s an effective club. This wedge is engineered for a very specific, very important need: making your short game more uniform by giving you a consistent swing no matter where the ball lies.

Chip shots and pitch shots have their own unique applications, and there’s no club in the world that can correct improper technique. It’s important that you understand how to correctly pitch the ball versus chipping the ball.  Once you know how to do that, the Square Strike Wedge makes each type of shot easier, with a more consistent stroke between the two. If you’re struggling to find your way around the greens, then this is the wedge for you.

Glides Over Turf and Sand

While you might not necessarily replace your sand wedge altogether (after all, you’ll need one for those fairway traps), the Square Strike Wedge delivers silky smooth performance both on the grass and in the sand. A wide sole on the blade putter style clubhead works somewhat similarly to the soles you might see on some lob wedges, but of course, it’s designed to be more like the sole of a putter. 

The sole of the wedge can cut through the grass like butter and is milled in a way that minimizes friction across rough surfaces like a sandpit. Since the bulky weight of the head helps keep your swing properly low to the ground,  you’ll be making some contact with the ground with the sole of the club. Don’t be afraid to swing through the ball with confidence like you’ve been taught. The club is made to help you find the sweet spot and create a perfect impact, regardless of what difficult shots you find yourself facing.

Balanced Center of Gravity

Weighing in at a hefty 330g, the Square Strike Wedge’s blade putter style club head is precision-balanced to keep the weight distribution even and consistent, no matter what happens over the course of your swing. The center of gravity sits low and perfectly centered, making it easier than ever to achieve a consistent swing on chip shots and pitch shots.

One of the key features of all Autopilot Golf wedges is their swing-correction. This is achieved through design elements like low CG and perfect balance. Because of the weight distribution and head shape, the club is less prone to twisting and turning through imperfect shots. Instead, the Square Strike Wedge will stay in place through your backswing to ensure as much contact as possible. 

Eliminates Fat Hits

Shooting around the green is tricky business because imperfect contact can quickly drive the ball far off-target, ruining the progress you made on an otherwise well-played hole. Fat around the green are the quickest way (besides some 3-putts, perhaps) to trash your score and ruin an outing. 

The sweet spot on the Square Strike Wedge is enormous, comprising well over a third of the surface of the clubface. This is achieved, of course, through the careful weighting and engineering of the clubhead. Once you get the putting stroke style down, you’ll find it incredibly simple to make solid contact in the fat part of the clubhead. Shooting around the greens? No problem. Using the Square Strike in place of your sand wedge? Go for it. Hitting fat is a thing of the past with the huge sweet spot on this wedge. 

Legal for Competitive Play

This is one of the most common, and yet most critical, questions raised about the Square Strike and other Autopilot Golf clubs. The unique design choices and custom engineering choices make them much different from the Tour-approved clubs you may be used to seeing on the green on TV. 

Think about it- what’s the point of putting so much blood, sweat, and tears into designing the perfect club if you can’t even play with it in competition?

The Square Strike Wedge, like its sister clubs, is 100% PGA Tour legal and approved for competitive play. Tournament golfers are obsessed with new technology and they’ll spend an arm and a leg to get an edge against the competition. It’s in this spirit that clubs like the Square Strike Wedge are carefully specced to meet PGA standards and requirements. If you’re looking for a little extra “oomph” in your short game, look no farther than the Square Strike Wedge. 

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

One of the hottest benefits of the Square Strike is Autopilot Golf’s full confidence in the value of their clubs. The Square Strike is backed by a full 60-day money-back guarantee, giving you the confidence to try the club through numerous rounds of play before committing to the purchase. If you’ve found what you’re looking for in our Square Strike Wedge review, then you can rest assured that there’s no risk in trying out the wedge for yourself. Don’t like it? Just send the club back within the guarantee period, and you’ll enjoy a full refund.

Our Verdict

Ultimately, after researching our square strike wedge review, we believe that it’s a fantastic wedge for beginners and intermediate-level golfers who struggle with difficult shots around the green. It shouldn’t necessarily replace your traditional pitching wedge, though. As you work your way onto harder and harder courses, you’ll need the prowess to play a full short game with all of the chipping and pitching skills to beat challenging lies and obstacles.

However, Square Strike Wedge pitching is as easy as ready, aim, fire! If all you need for a particular shot to aim dead on and swing cleanly, this is the wedge that can do it. If you have the control to approach the green cleanly from the fairway, the Square Strike Wedge is simpler and easier to hit than a traditional pitching wedge or lob wedge. It’s even effective out of the sand, though we also wouldn’t recommend replacing your sand wedge outright, except right around the green.

For its ultra-low price, generous warranty, and a money-back guarantee,  there’s practically no risk in playing a round or two with the square strike wedge. Even an advanced golfer can experiment with the unique technology and design, and learn how to simplify their own short game. 

Have you checked out the club after reading our Square Strike Wedge review? What did it do for your short game? Drop us a comment to tell us about it, or let us know what you want us to review next!

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