The Best Golf Sunglasses (Reviewed In 2021)

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It’s not easy practicing real golf. With all the equipment and supplies it takes to become a great golfer, it’s easy to let your practice sessions go by the wayside.

You’re bound to lose track of time quickly when using traditional equipment. And who has the money for an expensive golf simulator and launch monitor?

For this reason, we highly recommend a high-quality golf mat portable putting green. The mats can be easily transported anywhere you need to practice your swing or improve your putting skills.

A portable and compact practice mat is an excellent gift for anyone who loves to play golf—absolutely essential for amateurs and professionals alike. Amateurs will love the ability to practice from home, while professionals can take the indoor putting green anywhere they go.

Before you spend money on a premium golf product at a high price point, make sure you research which high-quality mat is the right choice for your home setup. To make it easy, we’ve created this quick rundown to help you find the Best Golf Mat of 2021. Let’s jump into the reviews.

Our top pick

For professional-quality grass simulation

It’s like hitting an actual golf ball off a tee at the country club.

These mats are made from the highest quality materials with a hitting surface designed to last for years.

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Our top pick

A stable surface for hitting and chipping

Made from durable synthetic turf that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

With its 30% denser than ordinary residential golf hitting mats, it’s ideal for use in your backyard use.

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Our top pick

For affordable and accessible home use

Engineered to provide durability & performance as well as the feel of real grass while providing for long-lasting use.

3 different sized tees help you aim at any height for a variety of shot distances.

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Our top pick

For guided putting practice

Easy-to-use ball return system

Perfect for indoor practice any time of year

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How Did We Choose?

We looked at dozens of range mats and hundreds of reviews to determine which features real golfers care about in their practice mats. The best golf mats for some golfers may be poor choices for others depending on their home setup, indoor or outdoor use needs, or left versus right-handed play.

One of the best things you can do is compare your home golf practice space with the hitting surface you want to buy. Then, consider the following traits of the best golf hitting mats.

Surface Quality & Functionality

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the type of golf mats you can use. So many brands offer different types of practice accommodations that it’s hard to pick the best.

Some mats allow you to simulate a rough grass type so you can practice saving fat shots. Other range mats have rubber guides that hold tees so you can work on your pitch shots or hit drives with accuracy.

Materials & Durability

If you aim to make your golf mat last for years, it needs to be built from strong materials. Most mats today are made from strong nylon and rubber surfaces so that they can withstand repeated club strikes.

It might seem common sense to buy a base rubber mat for your bag, but they are surprisingly more affordable than you might think. In fact, you can get mats made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) or a mix of rubber and PTFE. These bases can offer more cushioning and durability.


The more durable the mat, the harder it will be to carry and transport. The weight of your mat is crucial to durability, so make sure you choose a lightweight, durable material like plastic or rubber so it can be carried easily. The thicker the more durable, but they can’t be too thick or they won’t roll up.

For professional-quality grass simulation

It’s like hitting an actual golf ball off a tee at the country club.

These mats are made from the highest quality materials with a hitting surface designed to last for years.

Golf is a very expensive sport. The average golfer spends anywhere from $2,000-$15,000 on equipment per year. J.R. Mats Inc. wanted to make the game more affordable, so they developed a golf mat that was specifically designed to work with a real tee.

Country Club Elite real-feel golf mats are incredibly popular with professional golfers and have been used by avid golfers for years. This is because they offer the best of both worlds – they’re durable, but they’re soft and comfortable. With this combination, golfers can practice for hours and hours with no harm to their clubs or their bodies.

The original Country Club Elite Golf Practice Mats are the best golf mat for the avid golfer that wants the best practice mats on the market. The Country Club Elite Golf Practice Mats are made from the highest quality materials with a hitting surface that’s designed to last for years.

Mats, Inc. was the first to develop a Golf Mat that Takes a Real Tee to solve the typical problems golfers have with the traditional golf mat, which are:

  • The hitting surface slides around
  • They don’t take real tees
  • Not being able to return golf balls from a distance
  • They don’t feel like real grass

The original Country Club Elite mat is a great mat that will improve your golf performance. These golf mats are made with a durable and resilient material that will make you feel comfortable while practicing on them. The best golf mats are made using a sophisticated design that will help you develop better golf skills, and by that standard, these are the best golf practice mats on the market.

You can special-order these mats to have them customized to your home golf simulator hitting area and launch monitor installation. With a quality mat under your feet, you’ll enjoy a realistic feel that’s like hitting right off the tee at the country club.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to purchasing golf mats is quality. That’s why Country Club Elite offers customers a three-year prorated warranty on their golf mats. This warranty means you’ll be covered if the mats wear out with normal indoor or outdoor use.

A stable surface for hitting and chipping

Made from durable synthetic turf that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

With its 30% denser than ordinary residential golf hitting mats, it’s ideal for use in your backyard use.

Quality and durability at an affordable price. These entry-level model mats will be a welcome addition to any golf course, range, or school that requires high-quality grass. They come pre-punched with holes for rubber tees, have a texturized rubber backing, and 3 free rubber tees are included.

DURA-PRO Commercial Golf Mat is made of 100% Nylon 3D turf fibers that absorb shock, provide a stable surface during hitting and chipping, and can withstand all weather conditions. This mat is suitable for all commercial golf courses, high-end golf courses, and driving ranges. It is also suitable for professional golfers.

The heavy textured rubber backing is great for the golf practice mat so you know it’s going to give you great grip even when wet. DURA-PRO Commercial Golf mat is a great addition to any home. With its 30% denser than ordinary residential golf hitting mats, it’s ideal for use in your backyard or on top of your house. It’s also made from durable synthetic turf that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Practice is key to improving your golf game. Beginners and pros alike will want to use a mat that’s made of durable materials and offers good cushioning. This golf mat won’t slip, trap sweat under your feet, or bleed color onto the floor. It’s backed by 30-year-old technology from the makers of tennis courts and basketball hardwood floors.

For affordable and accessible home use

Engineered to provide durability & performance as well as the feel of real grass while providing for long-lasting use.

3 different sized tees help you aim at any height for a variety of shot distances.

GoSports Pro is a premier synthetic grass field for professional sport and recreation. It has a solid design and is excellent for practicing your golf skills, whether you’re at home or at the local driving range.

The GoSports Pro is long-lasting enough to last the entire season, the whole year, up to a decade. It has been proven to last longer than traditional synthetic turf grass. GS PRO TURF allows for year-round use with the same quality over a longer period of time.

The GS PRO has been engineered to provide durability and performance as well as the feel of real grass while providing for long-lasting use. The golf mat does have a little crease and bulge at first, but it flattens out well after laying flat for a while. This equipment is big enough for you to fully stand on with a wide stance and take some full shots.

This portable system comes with six different teeing positions that are made from durable rubber to provide a precise and sturdy grip. Its 3 different sized tees help you aim at any height for a variety of shot distances. As you work on your swing with this product, your accuracy will improve as you grow familiar with the grip’s location in relation to the ball.

For guided putting practice

Easy-to-use ball return system

Perfect for indoor practice any time of year

This great golf exercise tool will make it easier for you to improve your skills. The included four balls are also great extras that can be used while you practice on this mat

Are you looking for a simple, brilliant and easy-to-use ball Return System? The Aliennana smart ball Return is the best choice. It is super-easy to use, just shoot your practice putts and watch your ball roll right back to you! No need to pick up the ball ever again.

The mat is great. It’s a thick rubber base and good turf top. However, as good as the product is for indoor practice sessions, it’s too expensive for outdoor use. The best reason to replace this mat is if it starts to have holes in it, or if you notice that the textured surface has become rough. Exposure to outdoor elements may accelerate this process.

For better putting alignment

Helps you see your putting line better through each stroke.

For use at the driving range or for in-home practice.

Ultra-lightweight, easy to carry and store, this indoor putting mat is great for every golfer. You can use as a driving range mat, or you can use it at home without a ball.

The easy-to-use alignment feature shows you exactly where the golf club has hit the ground and which way it is pointing. As a result, it’s easier to loop back and keep your swing on track with the object ball. It also tells you where your shot might be headed if you don’t adjust your aim/swing accordingly.

This is a great golf putting mat to give you instant feedback. Whever your line is too far in or too far out, simply adjust the other way until you see that you’re moving through the center correctly. The bag the mat comes with is also handy for storage!

The golf training mat is a great tool for practice at home because it simulates the feel of a real course. The rubber bottom of the mat gives it the feel of a real course and if you try to hit any golf ball on the mat, it will bounce just like it would on a real course.

For practice from any lie

Real-turf feel without taking up too much space

Practice from fairway-style conditions or simulate shots out of the rough

Tri-turf mats use real tees within an engineered design to simulate hitting shots on a real green for thousands of practice swings. These synthetic playing surfaces are much more durable than other synthetic turf mats, and they can withstand just as many practice swings as the real thing.

If you are an experienced golfer, you can appreciate the quality of the artificial grass at the country club. Beginners have the benefit of practicing their skills on the next best thing to being out on the course — their practice green.

It is always better to practice how to putt, chip, or pitch in your trainer mat than it is to practice on a manicured putting green. 24″ x 24″ is a fantastic size that’s big enough to feel like you have some real turf, but small enough to fit inside your ready-made net return system. Its premium materials are expertly engineered to last thousands of practice swings!

The mat grips to the floor to ensure that when you swing, the mat stays at a perfect distance from your body. This gives you an authentic feel and allows you to do more practice swings before getting out there on real grass.

This mat can be used as a stress relief for golfers, or also to practice specific shots that you may want to improve on a regular basis. No need to rent expensive driving range sets when you own your very own turf-based hitting mat for your garage!

Practice every shot at home. The portable XL mat gives you the benefit of practicing practically any lie to start knocking strokes off your score. It’s easy to use in virtually any environment and is portable, allowing you to practice anywhere.

For building better swing consistency

Premium imitation turf simulates real grass feel

Resilient for both indoor and outdoor use

True-turf looks and feels like the real thing, which means it can help golfers with swing consistency and build muscle memory to help golfers develop better swings. The surface of true-turf is not only for golfers, however.

Premium synthetic turf golf mats are designed to mimic the feel of real grass. The Champkey mat comes in 16mm thickness with a variety of different styles. The 16mm version is ideal for those who don’t play on a regular basis. Those with a little more experience on the golf course may opt for a thicker golf mat.

Rubber is a common material used in many kinds of products and holds up well under different conditions. In particular, rubber is a great material for a golf mat because it’s resilient and comfortable to use.

In dual-turf synthetic grass golf mats, the playing surface is made of a special infill that is made of a mixture of different types of rubber, so it has a real turf feeling. It also has a certain bounce and spring to it, so it is very similar to real grass.

Because this is synthetic turf, it is very safe and durable. It is not as hard and bouncy as natural turf, but it is more durable than artificial turf and will last a long time. It is highly resistant to wear and tear and has a wide range of uses.

For long-shots and precise aim

This upgrade to Taylormade’s prior M2 series is a game improvement iron truly meant for the neophyte hacker. 

These clubs are jam-packed with features that make them a unique creation among improvement irons.

The perfect putting mat! This real-feel golf hitting mat is a 3-pack that comes with three separate lengths of turf simulating real grass. You can use it for indoor, outdoor, and backyard purposes. It’s highly durable and won’t tear easily.

The tri-fold design allows you to fold the stand and store it in a small space. The compact size of the mat enables easy storage and transportation and can be transformed from a giant stage to a small mini version for practice, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The lightweight stand makes indoor play enjoyable, and the sturdy material ensures reliable outdoor use.

If you’re looking for ideal practice equipment, get this heavy-duty golfer mat. Made from a sturdy, non-slip PVC material, it features a heavy-duty design that reduces the amount of sliding while also providing additional shock absorption and protection for your clubs while practicing indoors or outdoors.

Artificial practice mats for your house’s lawn are a safe, long-lasting way to protect the grass from your swing practice. These NEWCARE golf mats are 1.57 inches thick — for short-grass species such as Bermuda grass — and can provide protection for a full season. They’re also easy to clean with a vacuum.

For practicing a variety of situations

Different surface types enable simulation of practically any lie you’ll hit on the course.

Durable and weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use.

Practice from home relieves stress while improving your golf game. This golf hitting mat includes a Rukket 25×16 inch tri-turf mat (9 balls), a rubber tee, and a carrying bag. It’s an easy way to save money for players on a budget but still enjoy the benefits of getting in the backyard seven days a week.

No one likes to be caught off guard on the course. Practice is a must, and it’s important to be prepared for all kinds of shots at all different distances. Practicing fairway, rough, and tight lie separation is key to success on the green. Set yourself up for success by practicing shots from every lie on the course and never swing in frustration ever again.

An extra thick rubber base offers superior cushioning for your practice sessions. Your Rukket golf mat features an extra-thick rubber base that’s built to last will keep it in place during your practice session and maintain an attractive aesthetic.

When you buy a Rukket Sports Products product, the assurance is that it will be a staple in your household for years. Rukket’s products are built to endure and are designed and manufactured to last.

Portable and versatile, the mat is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. No worries about the weather when you want to practice a new skill. Professional golfers swear by the benefits of casual indoor practice. Practice year-round on your own or with your friends!

The 100% lifetime guarantee means you’ll be covered no matter how this mat breaks down. If you need a replacement part, the Rukket team is standing by to make it right.

For simulating all types of grass

Lightweight and compact mat is perfect for travel use

Replicates real-feel fairway in your home or on the go

Have you been practicing swing mechanics indoors and outdoors?

Golf courses have different types of grass, including bentgrass, ryegrass, fescues, Kentucky bluegrass, and smooth-stalked meadow grass. You need this compact golf mat to perfect your technique across a variety of surfaces.

Don’t destroy your grass to improve your golf game! Practice on a real feel golf mat that replicates a real fairway in your home or office.

This folding golf mat is lightweight and compact, allowing you to take it anywhere. When not in use, the course folds out into a svelte package for easy storage at home or on the go.

Whether you want to simulate the feel of your backyard or indoor practice range, this portable mini golf course is an exceptionally useful tool to aid in your putting game. However, the ball leaves a temporary groove after a couple of puts and it’s better for working on putting speed than face-alignment.

For versatile indoor and outdoor swing practice

Real-feel turf recreates feeling of actual grass

Weatherproof and durable for use both indoors and outdoors

The most important thing to think about when it comes to picking up a new precision sport is that you should be training from a variety of stances. You should be training from a variety of lies. The vast majority of golfers don’t do that. They train from just one or two different lies. If you are a golfer, this gorgeous dual-turf golf mat is a must-have.

This golf mat is a great product for any golfer to use, especially if your game is suffering. The best golf mats are those that provide heavy rubber bases with non-slip surfaces. The rubber backing of the golf mat prevents it from moving when you’re hitting.

SkyLife’s synthetic grass golf mat helps golfers to feel like they are playing on a real golf course. They make it more enjoyable and realistic for golfers, players, and spectators.

The SkyLife golf mat is a durable, weatherproof golf mat that allows you to practice your swing indoors. The golf mat is made of eco-friendly materials and can be cleaned with water and mild soap.

Durability is not the only thing that matters. With so many options on the market, it’s important to make sure that you choose the best golf mat that will perform as expected. While it can take a long time to flatten these practice mats and put them back into shape, the results are worth the wait.

Given how versatile and durable these are, the SkyLife is one of the best golf mats on the market in the premium consumer price range that’s better for home use than public or country club use.

For quick, easy practice sessions

No-slip foam backing keeps mat steady during use

Small form factor for compact spaces

The Orlimar golf hitting surface is the best golf mat for anyone who loves the feel of real grass, but can’t quite afford it.

5mm foam backing on this mat makes it more practical for golfers who need to practice their short game. It also prevents the 3′ x 5′ practice mat from moving while the golfer is practicing, which can be annoying. The soft foam backing also helps to provide comfort to the golfer and keeps the mat from slipping during your swing.

The patented design of the golf mat provides an ideal place to work on your golf swing, improve your game or simply relax while you can’t be on the course. It’s perfect for backyard and indoor residential golf practice. This training aid is a great fit for the new golfers who have a limited amount of space in their homes where they can practice their golf swing.

For an authentic grass feel to work on any shot

Enables versatile practice with multiple tee and grass heights

Environmentally-friendly and easy to clean

Timeina is known for its portable and foldable hitting mats, which can be transported and stored anywhere from your hotel room to the airport. The company’s practice pads are easy to transport, easy to store, and convenient to use whether you’re on the road or staying home.

If you’re a golfer who wants to improve your game, train indoors, or use an indoor hitting mat pad designed especially for shot chipping and chipping drills. This combo of rough, fairway, and tee grass heights provides the authentic feel of a golf course when you work on your game indoors.

As an experienced golfer, it is imperative to practice each aspect of your game if you desire to improve. The three different surfaces of these mats can give you a unique experience as you practice on each of them.

Golf practice is boring, and you don’t have enough time to practice. Well, nobody does — unless they’ve got the Timeina Golf Practice Pad. It is made of three layers: first a layer of environmentally friendly rubber on top of two cushioned layers that offer the most realistic feel — and when you’re done, it’s easy to clean it up for reuse. This unique golf mat also includes an extra six tees (and six foam golf balls) for your further training on the range.

For training your accuracy on the green

Green markings help lineup and aim putts

Includes carry bag for convenient on-the-go training

A well-designed putting practice mat is an essential training tool for all golfers. When you put your practice on the mat it will become more enjoyable, effective, and easy to fit into your day wherever you are. You should have a home putting practice mat that you can use on the go, anytime and anyplace.

PuttOUT Putting Mats are designed to support your putting game. With markings from 10 inches to 6 feet and a pacing guide in the middle of the mat, practice on any surface — indoors or out — without ever having to worry about where to putt.

The PuttOUT Putting Mat is an excellent alternative to a regular driving range or putting green. The practice mat is constructed with a heavy-rubber backing to allow it to lie smooth and flat on any surface and easily roll the mat away and into the compact carry bag for practice on the go.

It’s a great way to improve your putting because it’s so easy to use. You can practice putting from any angle you want, so you can work your technique in even the toughest lies. This golf mat not only provides a soft hitting surface for your golf practice, but it’s also durable enough to be rolled up and stored away for travel as well.

The high-quality cut-pile surface is designed to accurately replicate a light, easy green speed reading of 10. A durable, heavy-rubber backing is essential to the sport of putting. The golf mat lies flat and smooth on any surface — from carpet to grass.

The brand’s premium golf mats are a good investment. It works great for drills and will help increase your speed and confidence on the green.

For affordable multi-surface swing training

Realistic rough-cut turf helps train shots out of tough lies.

Grasslike texture simulates real tee shots and divots.

Try these challenging golf mats for rigorous, full-blown practice and you’ll never want to hit off of any other golf mats again.

The COYMOS 3-In-1 grass golf mats feature three materials on one mat to simulate the fairway, rough, and tee box.

The fairways cuts offer texture for tee shots and divot creation. Rough cuts provide the effect of the shots around the green while simulating bumps and divots from the tee box. The green cut creates an overall feeling of hitting golf balls, driving, chipping, and putting like real greens.

With the COYMOS hitting mat, you can spare your yard’s precious green grass. Plus, its 0.4-inch thickness allows for use on any hard floor or short carpeting.

This real-feel golf mat is made of the high-quality synthetic turf that mimics the look and feel of a field of grass — so you can be confident the surface will not stain your golf clubs. You’ll increase your weekly training sessions by practicing in the new COYMOS hitting mat.

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