• By Jordan Edwards

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Ping Golf has never exactly been one to follow the trends of the day. In fact, Ping themselves are trendsetters, more than anything. The new Ping G410 irons are a game improvement set built for the intermediate golfer who knows how to approach his game but needs some help with strokes.

Ping borrowed technology from their G700 series and fitted it to an iron more suitable for noncompetitive golfers, making the Ping g410 irons an accessible set for golfers of all skill levels. Welcome to the next level up from the G400, the Ping G410 iron.

Ping G410 Irons

Highly forgiving irons for intermediate golfers

Ping’s ultimate COR-Eye technology returns in the G410 series irons, featuring advancements over the G400 to make it the hottest innovation in Ping’s line to date.

Don’t miss the added distance, ball speeds, and launch angles that come from the G410 iron’s expert design.

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Toe/Hosel Weighting

The more time you spend reading about irons and metalwoods, the more you’re going to read about weighting, bulkiness, weight distribution, and everything involving how cumbersome your irons or drivers are. The Ping G410 irons have a unique weighting scheme that breaks traditional standards. There are no traditional CTP weights at all, in fact. Ping has instead moved the discretionary weights in the G410 iron set into the lower part of the toe. Then, Ping counterbalanced this weight with another weight in the hosel. 

If you think about the positioning of these weights (and you can see the one on the toe right in the photo above), you’ve got a pair of equal weights separated by a lighter connecting bar (the clubhead itself). Remind you of anything?

Barbells, of course. The Ping G410 irons borrow their weight distribution and perimeter weighting philosophies from athletic equipment designs we’ve known and embraced for over a century. As we’ll discuss in a few moments, the results speak for themselves, as the perfectly engineered weighting of the Ping G410 irons lends itself to startling enhancements in performance on the golf course.

COR-Eye Technology

Ping irons are special because they don’t just shoot high and far, but they do both at the same time. If you look in the middle of the cavity on the clubhead, you can see the COR-Eye technology installed behind the face. This proprietary technology works by stiffening the center of the face, killing any hot spots and evening out the sweet spot. However, because the blade length is slightly shorter than previous Ping irons like the G400, this means the distance control is incredibly precise.  A good golfer will have excellent control over how far (or not) they want to send the ball. 

How does Ping achieve this precision? An undercut installed under the upper rail of the clubhead relaxes back through impact, enhancing ball speeds and launch angles. Additionally, because the Ping G410 irons, in particular, have a more flexible face than the G400, there’s a boost to total potential distance, as well. 

There’s also metalwood based tech installed in the iron’s cascading sole, which allows the flexible face to be that much thinner. What do you get from extra weight savings? A boost in inertia. A well-balanced iron with COR-Eye boosts every part of your game.

Co-Molded Cavity Badge

One thing that strikes us about modern irons is their… emptiness. In order to save weight, a lot of irons just hollow out the center of the clubhead and call it a day. Maybe they do a little weight balancing. 

Not Ping.

Check out the head cavity on this iron. The full cavity is filled in with a co-molded aluminum and elastomer badge with an ultra-strong, heavily-waterproof hydropearl 2.0 finish to keep your clubs looking new and lasting for years to come. The special co-molding in the cavity controls reverberation through your shot, dampening the sound depending on the point of impact, and fine-tuning the shock you feel in your hands. Not only does the cavity badge contribute to the sound and feel of the irons , but it helps the irons glide effortlessly across the ground for improved contact, allowing for more versatile play in a variety of environments, conditions, and bad lies.

Larger Flexing Zone

When we talked about COR-Eye, we briefly touched on the flexible face on the Ping G410 irons. Not only does the extra springiness improve distance, height, and ball speeds, but it gives you more granular control over each shot. 

The added control and added distance combines to change your game in unexpected ways. Suddenly, you’re going to find yourself overshooting your 6-iron and instead, moving up to your 7-iron to compensate for the extra distance.

While this is an awesome feature of the Ping G410 irons, it comes with a warning. You’ll want to put in a lot of extra time at the range to acclimate yourself to the adjustments to your distance and launch angle. If you hit the course with these before you’re ready and play with them like your old irons, you’re going to overshoot your targets by a mile.

Look & Appearance

The redesigned, shorter blade length of the clubhead for the Ping G410 irons resulted in a sleek, subtle design that makes this a true game enjoyment iron.  The Ping G410 has a lot of appeal to the casual and serious golfer alike. Not only does it catch the eye, but it is sized perfectly

Additionally, some of the stock shaft options are downright beautiful. In particular, the True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft and the True Temper XP 95 shaft options make for a visually appealing club that pops.

Sound & Feel

The Ping G410 irons sound are specially designed to enhance the sound of the ball through impact. You’ll hear right away whether you hit a shot you’ll be satisfied with. While the Ping G410 irons have a great sweet spot, they’re built for forgiveness and performance. That means they’ll tell you exactly how well (or not) you hit the ball.

Additionally, the hosel configuration allows for more shock to travel up the shaft of the Ping G410, despite being dampened and absorbed by the clubhead. This results in a more fine-tuned feel for each shot, allowing you to get a better read on the quality of your impact.

Ping G410 Irons Performance Summary

The updated shape and weight distribution in the Ping G410 irons resulted in an 8% increase in inertia. This enhanced MOI keeps the head of the irons stable through your swing and widens the sweet spot. As a result, the Ping G410 irons are forgiving for even lower-skill players. Not only is the Ping G410 more forgiving, but they play more consistently, allowing you to hone your fundamentals shot after shot.

While the loft measurements on the Ping G410 irons are the same as Ping irons of the past, they boosted the set’s performance by widening the face of the Ping G410 and increasing their springiness. The COR-Eye technology works as intended, resulting in measurably longer and higher-arching shots. And, because of the widened sweet spot, the impressive trajectory is equally impressive in its consistency on each shot.

Our Verdict

The Ping G410 irons are among the better game improvement irons we’ve seen on the market. As stated, they tend to be a better “improvement” club for intermediate players, as a little know-how behind your golf game makes a big difference when playing with this set. 

The individual irons themselves are engineered to perfection, with each iron being consistent in its design and manufacturing quality as the others. The irons are lightweight, and though they’re slightly shorter than your typical golf iron, that’s offset by the perfect look and feel at address. 

Many golfers who have played with the Ping G410 iron set have called the G410 one of the most comfortable irons they’ve ever swung. While we haven’t written a review for every golf iron under the sun, we’re confident that our experience learning about the G410 iron set will equip you with the knowledge you need to make your next big club purchase.

What do you think? Have you swung a Ping G410 iron? Tell us about your experience, and don’t forget to check out CyberCaddie every week to find our next review for another great iron set or driver.