The 12 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs in 2023

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Finding the best hybrid golf clubs for your bag is critical to improving your game, but testing out new hybrid clubs gets expensive quickly. You need the best hybrid golf clubs that shoot consistently from the fairway and out of the rough alike, but a lot of hybrid clubs are bulky and awkwardly-weighted.

We’ve checked out the hottest hybrid clubs and fairway woods on the market to help you find the best hybrid set for your game. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 12 best hybrid golf clubs of 2023.

For increased distance and better contact

Better weight distribution allows for improved launch and swing speed.

A hybrid that’s balanced in every aspect and gives players more control over each shot.

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For a more centered & more stable feel

Oversized head shape promotes more distance.

A great club for players who want to hang on the fairway and master their form.

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For improved control in an affordable package

Optimized club face promotes faster ball speeds.

Larger sweet spot than most traditional hybrids.

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For consistent, repeatable shots

Natural flex sole generates higher arcs.

Excellent control from the rough.

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For increased distance and better contact

Better weight distribution allows for improved launch and swing speed.

A hybrid that’s balanced in every aspect and gives players more control over each shot.

The Titleist TS2 Hybrid club has been designed to increase both distance and contact. The club combines the best of a traditional hybrid with a faster launch and aerodynamics that help increase distance. The club is made according to Titleist’s patented XD2 face shape, which makes for an incredible feel with every swing, and it features an aerodynamic profile that offers 20 percent less drag.

This hybrid uses Speed Chasis technology in the weight distribution of the clubs, improving its MOI and enhancing player swing speed. The end result is improved ball speed, low spin, high launch, and a 10% increase in yards gained on approach shots.

The TS hybrid ranges, like the driver and fairway, are all available in a total of five different shaft types. This isn’t as big of a selling point as we’d like to see- but it’s nice that Titleist is giving golfers more options. In terms of distance, Titleist claims that this hybrid will offer “six to seven more yards of dispersion”. That’s an impressive claim, given that many of the other companies claim only one or two extra yards.

In addition to the high-quality SureFit Tour adjustable hosel, all TS woods are also equipped with the legendary tungsten-injected tour-tuned core that gives you the benefit of both consistency and superior feel over the entire loft and lie range. The tungsten core helps to deliver maximum feel with more accuracy.

The lower center of gravity, adjustable hosel, and higher launch angle makes this club a game-changer. It may sound impressive, but it is up to you to see if it is truly as impressive as advertised. If the club can provide features that address your golfing needs and does so without breaking the bank, then go for it!

For a more centered & more stable feel

Oversized head shape promotes more distance.

A great club for players who want to hang on the fairway and master their form.

Tour Edge launched the Bazooka hybrid a few years back, and since then it has become the preferred club of iron-wielding golfers worldwide. Its super-stiff steel body is connected to a lightweight titanium toe that reduces the overall weight of the club, thus boosting MOI and allowing players to hit iron shots with more power.

The Batavia, Ill.-based company has introduced six updated versions of the long iron-leaning hybrid. You’re not alone if you’ve grown accustomed to the JMax series; the Bazooka hybrid will help you step up your game and won’t take long to get adjusted to. Golfers globally seem to have taken to this club because it does everything well: it is strong, fast, and works in all weather conditions.

The new, border-weighted Bazooka Platinum Power provides more forgiveness and finesse than traditional, post-centering irons. It is a perfect choice for players who want to gain maximum distance and control over their shots. The oversized head shape, hollow interior, and perimeter weighting provide plenty of forgiveness when compared to standard clubs.

The success of these ironwoods is attributed to how easy they are to hit and control. An important step in maintaining ironwood’s original appeal is innovation in design. The club was born with a unique combination of affordability, technology, and increased distance from the face of the club. The club’s recent advancements are the result of 17 years of R&D behind its special shaft design.

The club also features two heavy tungsten weights for unbelievable forgiveness. The weight placement makes even off-center hits fly longer and more accurately. It’s a great hybrid that’s lightweight and super-thin with a forged crown and a cast body. The thin crown allows 20 grams of weight to be added to the sole, for enhanced distance, the face is thinned and features three internal reinforcements bars for durability;

As with most successful products, the secret is in the design. These ironwoods are so easy to hit and control, we can’t believe it. It’s just a great hybrid iron that stands on its own and gets the job done.

For improved control in an affordable package

Optimized club face promotes faster ball speeds

Larger sweet spot than most traditional hybrids 

In the golf world, Pinemeadow Golf is a relatively new name. This brand originated in 1985 out of Costa Mesa, CA. They’ve been making better clubs at not only lower prices but also in their innovative designs. They’ve focused on the average golfer consumer and are doing it right with quality golf clubs that have higher values for the more recreational consumer.

The Pinemeadow Excel Hybrid is a versatile hybrid that fits many different golfers and feature sets. We’ve found that the Excel Hybrid has been a terrific weapon for us both in the fairway and in various types of rough. The club is very affordable, and it’s great for beginners who want to get out on the course with convenience and affordability.

Hybrids are slowly moving into the spot of long irons for golfers. With modern materials being used in durable and longer-lasting hybrid clubs, they are becoming a preferred equipment item for golfers. These clubs will never have to make way for longer shafts — their well-crafted flight and distance will allow golfers to constantly improve their game. With the Pinemeadow Excel EGI, you will be getting some long and straight shots that you might otherwise need to rely on your irons for.

These hybrids are designed to play long distances, and they’re perfect for the game of your game. They also feature a larger sweet spot than traditional fairway woods. The R9 is available with loft options of 8 and 12 degrees; it has a graphite shaft designed for lower spin and higher ball speed, and each selection comes with its own headcover.

For consistent, repeatable shots

Natural flex sole generates higher arcs

Excellent control from the rough

After over two years, Mizuno finally unveils the CLK hybrid club. This updated design has made a subtle improvement to the look of the previous model and tweaked key elements of the performance to keep it fresh and exciting.

Hybrids are not meant to just go farther than your driver and fairway wood. They’re designed with precision and repeatability in mind, which is exactly what the Mizuno CLK engineers have achieved with the new 2020 CLK.

The natural flex of the integrated Dual Wave sole allows for a higher ball flight with extreme shot-making control and an increased launch angle. The new Dual Wave sole technology creates added height at address, offering more control and a lower center of gravity to less spin away from the target area.

This small revision ensures you have the right shot at the right moment. Launching higher will help to take out any rough and save shots on lies that are low when green speed is high. It’s important to be able to hit good shots even in difficult situations. In these cases, a hybrid is always your best option, and it still does the job perfectly.

For more forgiveness and mishit control

Flex Zone technology improves clubhead speed

Superior performance for beginners and intermediate golfers

Cobra is here to continue a tradition of versatility in its innovative hybrid models. With redesigned hybrid technologies, these models offer amazing playability and exceptional performance no matter where you’re standing with signature technologies like Baffler Rails and excellent weight distribution. Add in two new optimized hybrids from the Cobra King family and you have a perfect combination of performance and outstanding value that enthusiasts will love.

The Speedzone hybrids feature two powerful hybrid technologies. The most flexible hybrid technology for the set, Flex Zone, provides more clubhead speed and better ball speeds at the impact point than its more stable brother the Speed Zone.

The shape of this club is not what we expected. It does not have the same easy-to-hit appearance as other clubs in the hybrid lineup. The leading edge of the club also appears to be a little squared off in our opinion. In addition, it is not quite as long as the models we are accustomed to seeing from Cobra. When looking at its stock head shape and shaft length, the Speedzone hybrid seems to be a good fit for someone looking for a good-looking club that is also forgiving.

Its sole features Cobra’s new Baffler Rail inner sole system. The Baffler Rail technology incorporates a Baffler Rail (inside face) and an Outside Rail (outside face), which together are designed to produce higher ball speeds, tighter dispersion, and an improved sense of feel. The new hybrids also have traditional face technology across all clubs in the line, including the drivers and fairway woods.

The combination of the Cobra King Speedzone Hybrid club’s inner sole system, unique club shape, and Flex Zone make it one of the best hybrid clubs on this list, shooting farther and straighter than competing fairway woods in its price range. 

For more precise draws and fades

Improved feedback from clubhead to read shots better.

Lower torque at impact keeps shots straighter

While far-away shots may still appeal to some golfers, most players now know the importance of hitting the ball with precise accuracy. Whether you’re playing by yourself or with a group of friends, control and distance are key. With this new hybrid club from Callaway, you build on these advantages with advanced technology bringing you more distance and control at will.

The Callaway Mavrik Pro is a premium fairway wood that features a flatter lie, less sole-camber, and increased heel and toe weight placement to create more accurate shots approaching the green. Designed with feedback from better players, including tour pros, who prefer the increased forgiveness and versatility of the flatter lie angle, as well as a neutral center of gravity and more neutral ball flight.

This club is more or less a hybrid of the Redemption iron and the Rogue X3 hybrid. Remember, Callaway has designed it with a flatter lie angle, which gives it an incredibly neutral CG. This lends itself to easier launch shots, high flight, and soft landing. The stock shot is perfectly straight, which means that you can do both fades AND draws with this club without over-correcting.

Being able to play any shot with the confidence that it will carry the spin and trajectory we anticipate is key. The Mavrik Max hybrid has a pretty lightweight aluminum shaft with a hickory butt end, which gives it a few grams of added heft. The real difference in this shaft is the lower torque through impact, making it easier to use the face at address. This makes it one of the best hybrids available for players seeking more forgiveness and easier control.

For better accuracy and spin control

Improved control over mishit shots.

Speed pocket face generates higher ball speed and more distance.

In 2016, TaylorMade introduced the V-Speed sole design in its fairway woods. Although players initially saw slower speeds and longer spin times through poa, the company quickly realized that a smaller area of the sole made contact with the turf so the club’s speed was more effective through impact. The newer & faster milled sole grind on the TaylorMade SIM Max means you’re striking better on every shot. 

TaylorMade claims its new Twist Face Technology gives golfers better results by altering the face angle of the clubhead. When it’s applied to high-toe and low-heel areas, it should help golfers hit straighter shots. Twist Face also helps reduce sidespin and encourages a straight ball flight. Wishful thinking? Not so much.

The asymmetrical look of the white hybrid adds to the overall visual appeal of this club. Without the subtly asymmetrical-looking white on clean black, this would look like a regular wedge and many better players would think it’s too slow. With the asymmetrical look of the white, it makes it look stable at the address and inspires confidence that it’s a good one to choose.

The TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid Iron Set uses a proprietary face angle technology uniquely responsive to shot mis-hits. The high-strength steel heads allow for increased ball speed and forgiveness on low-face mis-hits. The passive speed pocket face promotes more consistent ball speed and distance and is engineered to produce the most accurate shots possible. As a result, the club controls spin potential, generating maximum ball speed.

Packed with cool innovations, the SIM Max Rescue set has some of the best hybrids on the market for mid-level golfers today. Offering higher launch angles and a unique twist on speed pocket technology, the SIM Max is one of the best choices for affordable hybrid sets you can use to complement your long iron play.

For insane ball speeds and launch angles

Larger, bulkier heads create more power at impact.

Lots of sound and feedback for improved control

In the era of air-busting golf balls and high-tech clubs, don’t count out Cleveland Golf. Boost your game with the Launcher Halo hybrid featuring superior improved turf interaction. And watch those scores plummet with the new powerful HiBore Crown. The Launcher Halo is designed for higher launch, lower center of gravity, and all-new variable face technology to provide more distance, spin, and forgiveness.

The new Halo hybrid has a very familiar feel. Its size is slightly larger than most hybrids on the market — which means it will likely be a good fit for many players, but it may take some getting used to versus less bulky clubs. The HiBore and blackface blended neutrally with the matte black halo create a decent color contrast that makes the golf club look sleeker and feel more balanced.

The Halo wood family represents a line of technologically advanced woods that consist of hybrids between “metal” woods and silvertip woods. If you like a club with a big sound and lots of control, it’s worth a try. Even if it is more of an experiment as a back-up club, the Halo hybrid woods are truly unique, and they look cool, too!

Regardless of whether you’re golfing for fun or for competition, the amount of weight you carry on a club to develop power should be between 18 and 22 pounds on average. Halo Weighting is a hybrid technology used by Cleveland Golf that completely changes the way players move their clubs through the air. When using Halo, a greater percentage of weight is placed in the sole structure. This gives your clubs more stability with little to no vibration.

For greater firepower and longer fairway shots

Ultra-wide sweet spot with lots of feedback.

Overlapping sole technology for better distance and more forgiveness.

The SGI Big Bertha B21 is an adjustable hybrid that breathes fresh life into the category. With some of the most advanced technology on the market, the ball flies with very little effort. The one thing it lacks is a traditional toe-centric shape. It’s also lacking in traditional feel, as its offset design gives it a unique carry and backspin. In any case, for an old-school model, Callaway has gone boldly and successfully new with its Blue Carbon fiber weave crown and carbon frame.

Hit that one, Big Bertha! Let’s talk about when you make that first strike. The difference between a good swing and a great swing is often found in the feel of the club in your hands. By swinging the Big Bertha B21 hybrid, you can feel that the sweet spot is nice and wide thanks to plenty of feedback in the grip.

One of the greatest benefits of hybrid golf clubs is their ability to be both stiff and flexible. Not only does this make them more forgiving on poor shots, but also helps players generate more distance with less effort. The Big Bertha B21 shows off its hybrid DNA on its sole, with multiple sets of overlapping sole technology to improve distance and forgiveness.

Tungsten is an excellent weight-reducing material that works well with lighter golf clubs. The Callaway designers managed to remove the adjustable hosel of the new Big Bertha SP and replace it with a tungsten insert that made it possible to position the clubhead closer to the shaft. Stabilization is greater while stroking the ball with more assurance than what we observed with earlier versions.

For difficult terrain and tricky lies

Ultra-light clubhead for reduced bulk and better control through delicate shots.

Higher launch angles out of the rough.

When it comes to golf, Wilson has always been a name you can trust. This time the brand has upgraded the golfing experience. The new Wilson Staff D7 hybrid is a high-performance piece of equipment with the lightest-in-its-class clubhead weight and leverage ratio. Its larger, low profile design allows golfers of any swing speed to produce more consistent shots, and with its smaller head size, the built-in head size adjuster allows for easy adjustment.

Golfers have a number of choices when it comes to looking at the face of their clubs and deciding which ones suit their game perfectly. A blend of UST Mamiya Recoil shaft material and Face Cover Technology, this hybrid golf club from Majestic offers a perfect balance between looks, utility, and performance.

This club is lightweight because of its unique materials and construction. Made from a blend of titanium and carbon fiber, the D7 hybrid’s head weighs in at 189 grams. Manufactured by Scotty Cameron’s CAD technology, the clubhead is crafted from ultra-lightweight materials to optimize clubhead speed, distance, and forgiveness.

Wilson Staff engineers have incorporated weight-saving features into the smaller hybrid cavity. The thin blade is created with four light weights to help reduce mass, giving the golfer a more powerful, stable club that is more forgiving than heavier hybrids. Compared to the regular fairway wood, there is also a reduction in massing offset from the face of the clubhead.

For lots of forgiveness and straight fairway shots

Easy to play with and comfortable for beginners

Higher ball speeds from a smaller hybrid

These hybrid clubs are designed for older golfers. They are also gender-neutral in appearance and ideal for men AND women who want the feel of a men’s club but don’t want to have to change their game. Based on customer feedback, these hybrid clubs are great for recreational golfers aged 40+. 

As golfers get older, they often know the game better and hit with more experience, but are still frustrated by inconsistent and slow clubhead speed. The result is a reluctant form of golf that’s hard to enjoy. For golfers over 50, Majek has released a new hybrid designed to increase distance control while reducing swing speed. To add to the fun, Majek has combined their signature K-5 Design grips and extra-point technology for more control and forgiveness.

The Majek Golf All Hybrid set offers high forgiveness and are apparently very comfortable to play with, whilst managing to maintain the distance and accuracy that you need to reach your target. This is due to a variety of factors, such as a low center of gravity and a high launch.

The actual clubhead shape and size is larger and more powerful than ever before. Its ultralight graphite shaft controls distance with each shot, and its sleek and aerodynamic design allows for high speeds. Golfers should experience a pleasant, comfortable impact from the club heads, as well as increased control through higher speeds. Black crown and arrow markers make it easy for golfers to get in alignment.

For the perfect launch angle and flight path

Jailbreak face carries more swinging power through impact.

Lower CG for more forgiving mishits.

The design features a neutral center and bias toward workability, which is the best combination of control and forgiveness. Apex 19 Hybrids are well-received by golfers who are looking for a hybrid that works best with their preferred irons.

This club is known for its optimum ball flight and control thanks to its Jailbreak technology. Featuring multiple components, the club will allow you to focus on what you want from your golf game. The tungsten-infused, multi-material construction allowed Callaway to locate the position of the CG in each iron while maintaining the flexibility of the Face Cup. This promotes optimum launch, ball flight, and pinpoint control for lower scores through each round.

Callaway’s pioneering jailbreak technology is a first-of-its-kind in the industry. Made of high-grade Carpenter 455 steel, the face is designed to transfer more energy from the face to the ball at impact locations to help drivers launch it on a fast flight.

Additionally, Callaway’s acclaimed 360 Face Cup is a revolutionary upgrade from the previous model. It employs a shallow, flexible rim that flexes at impact to promote low to medium swing speed on center and off-center hits. In the long irons, Callaway employed a spin-control VFT Face that encourages high-launch power in your scoring clubs.

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