Radio and magazines are on their way out, and the golden age of the golf podcast is upon us. Really, we’re surprised you’re even reading a blog when you could be listening to the hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours of golf podcast material out there on the web. The thing is, every Tom, Dick, and Harry thinks they’re golf’s next big thing – how do you know who to listen to? How do you separate the pros from the schmoes?

We’ve dug into the most popular golf podcasts around and compiled a handy list for you to choose from. You can’t go wrong following the advice you pick up along the way. These programs are presented to you by bona fide golf experts, and even some PGA Tour pros, with troves of experience to enrich your game.


This program – The Golf Podcast by Golficity – shares tips, tricks, techniques, and the hottest trends in golf today. Not only that, but they feature interviews with high level pros, detailed product reviews, and even fantasy golf predictions!

Airs: Weekly
Direct link:


ISG runs weekly and covers the happenings in the world of golf, along with insightful opinions and analysis. The team regularly hosts guests for interviews to cover a wide range of topics, and the guests are quite diverse: sportswriters, tour players, association officials, and other niche golf aficionados routinely join their action-packed lineup. Whether you’re looking for updates on the PGA Tour, hot new tips, great golf books, or the best golf vacation destinations – iSeekGolf has got you covered.

Airs: Weekly
Direct Link:


No matter what skill level you play at, GolfSmarter is one of the best golf podcasts to deepen your game knowledge and strategic play. GolfSmarter talks the finer points of the game of golf, such as course management, practice drills, and practical advice to improve the fundamentals of your game. Featuring over 600 episodes, GolfSmarter is one of the longest-lasting golf podcasts on iTunes.

Airs: Twice weekly
Direct Link:

No Laying Up

No Laying Up is a podcast for the more relaxed golfer who still appreciates the finer points of the game. Their philosophy is all about feeling good and enjoying every aspect of the game, no matter what level you play at. The NLU team uses is witty and humorous, but still fiercely knowledgeable about the game. That combination makes for a fun podcast experience every week, leaving you itching for the next installment.

Airs: Weekly
Direct Link:

The Drop Zone

Journeyman hackers Dylan Dethier and Sean Zak join forces to bring a younger, newer focus to the golf podcast scene. Sharing experiences, swapping stories, and leaking hot tips, the guys always have an interesting blurb to catch your ear. Plus, they bring some of the most insightful PGA Tour coverage published online today. Miss a couple days of PGA tournament play? Catch up on all the action in The Drop Zone.

Airs: 4 times per month
Direct Link:

The Putting Coach Podcast

Brought to you by the team at SeeMore Putter Company, TPC will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the most unique stroke in the game – putting! Ted Gallina, Jim Grundberg, and Cody Hale host interviews, share stories, and offer great tips and tricks to hone your putting skills. Not only that, but they focus heavily on the scientific aspects of the putting game, including different putting technologies and designs. If the greens are the most dangerous place for you out on the course, you need The Putting Coach to help get you on track.

Airs: Monthly
Direct Link:

Those Weekend Golf Guys

Not everyone is interested in hearing about PGA Tour winners, Tiger Woods’s comeback, Dustin Johnson’s workout routines, or Jordan Spieth’s love life. And most of us aren’t out there driving 300 yards off the tee, shooting 4 under par on an average trip out. For the genuine casual golfer, Those Weekend Golf Guys are here to talk about what actually matters. TWGG is written with the average golfer in mind. They know how to spell things out in plain and simple terms so you can always follow the discussion. No fear here – just honest, unabashed golf talk for the casual fan of the game. No Tour pros allowed.

Airs: Weekly
Direct Link:

Two Guys Talking Golf

Plain and simple. Just two guys and a good hour of golf talk. Hosts Andrew Tursky and Brian Knudson break down the game from all angles: equipment, PGA news, club skills, course management skills, pro strategies, and much more. They interact with their fans and take questions and they interview big-name golfers like Billy Horschel.

Airs: Irregularly
Direct Link:

Fantasy Golf Degenerates

For the fantasy sports fiend in you, Kenny and Brad from Fantasy Golf Degenerates bring you the latest stats and predictions for every PGA Tour event. These boys have been hacking since they were old enough to stand on two legs, and analyze the game obsessively to give you the gambler’s edge. You can’t place bets or play fantasy PGA without giving FGD a listen beforehand. Otherwise, you’re tossing money out the window!

Airs: Weekly during PGA Play
Direct Link:

Fore Play

Now here’s a podcast that’s truly all-things-golf. Your hosts Trent and Riggs host a myriad of golf guests, from players, to clubmakers, to analysts, to PGA coaches, and more. The show features golf gossip, serious analysis, barroom banter, swing and course tips, golf anecdotes, golf equipment, life on tour, and everything in between. Not only that, but the show brings a fresh, younger perspective to the game that’s sorely needed in the golf podcast community.

Airs: 1-4 times per month
Direct Link:

Golf Science Lab

The Golf Science Lab is aimed at busting the myths and dispelling the disinformation in the game. Cordie Walker and his crew teach you a better understanding of the game in a fun and exciting way, all the while breaking down the hard science and giving you cold, harsh truths about the realities of the game. In this way, you learn to strike at the heart of your weaknesses and improve those skills from the ground up. They interview researchers and academical specialists and translate their knowledge into applicable tips to take to the course.

Airs: Several times per month
Direct Link:

The Fried Egg

No golf podcast is going to teach you more about golf course layout, structure, planning…. and conquering…. than The Fried Egg. Host Andy Johnson offers a profoundly deep resource for the serious golfer; his podcast is only the tip of the iceberg. He has even published a full guide on Course Architecture 101. But he’s not just about course management. Andy also delves into important topics like tournament strategy, play styles, PGA Tour coverage, the European Tour, and much more.

Airs: Frequently
Direct Link:

Me & My Golf

At the M&MG podcast, hosts Andy and Piers are on a mission to improve the game of golf around the world, at all levels of play, for any kind of player, on tour or not. They offer easy but highly effective tips and tricks that even the lowest level players can apply right out of the gate. Primarily, they’ll help you break down the finer mechanics of your stance, swing, and decision making on the course to sharpen your prowess. But like most podcasts, they also interview guests and talk about the PGA Tour as well.

Airs: Monthly
Direct Link:

On the Mark Podcast

Host Mark Immelman, older brother and swing coach of PGA Tour champion Trevor Immelman, shows off his golf smarts on this podcast covering all things about the game. PGA Tour coaches are some of the most insightful golf experts on the planet, and this podcast is one of the best sources of inside information around. Many golf podcasts feature PGA Tour pros, but coaches are much fewer and farther between.

Airs: Frequently
Direct Link:

These are just a few of the greatest golf podcasts on the web. We don’t want to overload our readers, but we left you out and you’re dying to make our list, you can drop us a comment, hit us up on Twitter, or shoot us your email address on our Contact Form.

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